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Speak Low If You Speak Love
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Speak Low If You Speak Love is the solo project from the incredibly talented, multi-instrumentalist musician Ryan Scott Graham, who also plays bass and provides backing vocals in the popular pop-punk band State Champs. 
Nearsighted will be the second, full-length album from Speak Low If You Speak Love, following Graham’s debut record Everything But What You Need, which was released in 2015 by Pure Noise Records. The forthcoming album transcends beyond his early acoustic work, as he explores expanded sounds and instrumentation with a refined sense of depth and maturity.

-From Official Bio
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You know him as the frontman of indie powers State Champs.  What you may not know is where he started out before the Albany-based pop punkers. 

Before all that, he was simply Ryan Scott Graham, a talented multi instrumentalist in the same vein as other DIY acts like Secondhand Serenade, Jack's Mannequin and Owl City. 

In fact Graham's sounds, once steeped in pure acoustic has evolved into a wonderful mix of the aforementioned three: the electro-laden sounds of an Owl City, the dreaminess of a Secondhand Serenade and the lyrical intelligence of a Jack's Mannequin.  That is the core of new single "Safety Net."  "Contrasting Colors" harkens back to his acoustic days in complete acoustic perfection.

All of these things is why Ryan Scott Graham aka Speak Low If You Speak Love is a You Gotta Know!

-By Alan Ho
You Gotta Know
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You Gotta Know


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