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Music Video Madness
The real fun begins!  Out of the Sweet Sixteen is the top 2 videos from each of the four brackets, Pop, Country, Alt/Rock and R&B/Hip-Hop! 

The same rules as always apply, vote with your computer, tablet and/or smartphone but keep in mind you only get 100 votes per day! You will also get to cast 50 votes/day via Twitter on the tweet buttons for each video. The Final Four starts Sunday January 27 at noon ET and ends at a special time, February 8 at 11:59 pm ET and the championship begins February 9 at 9p/8c!

Make every vote and tweet count, the stakes get even higher...only four can declare themselves in the Final Four!!!
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Bracker 1
Scotty McCreery
This Is It
Scotty McCreery
Bebe Rexha ft. Florida Georgia Line
Meant To Be
The Music Video Madness Championship is here!  This is for all the marbles...or bragging rights.  You get 100 votes per day/session; the championship cycle begins Feb. 9, 2019 at noon ET and end Feb. 23 at 11:59 pm ET!
Bracket 2
All Time Low
Sawyer Fredericks
Hide Your Ghost
Scotty McCreery
Hailee Steinfeld ft. Florida Georgia Line
Let Me Go
Oh so close!  Yet so far.  The Consolation Bracket determines who gets third wheel, which is better than no wheel at all!  You get 100 votes per day/session; the consolation cycle begins Feb. 9, 2019 at noon ET and end Feb. 23 at 11:59 pm ET!


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