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Twitter Voting On The Countdown
Things are about to get a whole lot crazier on The Countdown and Countdown Mobile!  When we first opened the doors to The Countdown, then called The Count, it was only open to desktop/laptop/tablet users and smartphones whose screens were larger than 4.3 inches.  Then we added a new mobile element, that has turned out to be successful for all smartphones and select feature phones and added a 4x multiplier to the final mobile tally, making things even more interesting when it was time to count votes and determine the no. 1 overall music video AND it's Top 12.

Now, we're about to blow the roof off again. Twitter. Twitter as of October 4, 2013 has 218 million active users with 49 million in the US alone and generate over a half billion tweets every single day. We want to leverage that and with the recent news that Twitter has stripped a requirement that one must follow an account to "direct message" them is welcome news and we thought it was high time to finally execute a plan in motion that we have had in the backburner for the last 18 months!

Welcome to Twitter voting, a THIRD and separate way to vote for your favorite video or videos! 
The Ground Rules
The ground rules are as follows:

1. You can DM (direct message) us at @musiqtone WITHOUT following our account (we'd love it if you did!).  If you happen to know someone here and know their Twitter handle, DO NOT direct message them, your vote will not count.

2. Please DM us the artist/band name and use the hashtag #TheCountdownMT. Failure to use this specific hashtag for any reason will result in votes not being counted.  If an artist/band has multiple videos, please add the specific video along with the hashtag.

3. You are allowed a MAXIMUM of 150 votes, the suggested method of voting via Twitter to avoid Twitter's arbitrary DM flood limit is TWENTY-FIVE Twitter votes via DM per day.

4. TWITTER voting will close every Thursday at 6 pm ET, when the final leaderboards for the current cycle are published. A separate leaderboard for Twitter votes will be published by 10 pm ET every Thursday. We're a small operation and do not have people dedicated at the moment to count every Tweet!

5. At the end of the cycle, we add a 20x multiplier and then add it to the final total (web votes+mobile votes+twitter votes) to determine the no. 1 overall music video and the rest of the Top 16 (Top 12+Bubble). So in essence, each user can contribute 3,000 votes to their favorite video or videos!

6.  Now how can you vote via Twitter DM?  Many ways.  Common apps for Android and iPhone include Twitter, Echofon, Ubersocial, Falcon Pro, Tweetlanes for Twitter, Tweetcaster/Tweetcaster Pro or whatever app you use to Tweet out from and read tweets!  Data charges apply via your plan and/or carrier.

You can also use of course the Twitter desktop or mobile website.  Or simple SMS by typing:  "D Musiqtone" and then messaging us the artist/band name and the required hashtag for the vote to count.  SMS costs may apply depending on your carrier and/or plan.
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The Top 14 Twitter Vote-Getters
No Pic
Fifth Harmony | Me and My Girls (21,110)
No Pic
Emblem3 | 3000 Miles (20,650)
No Pic
Lorde | Royals (20,000)
David Archuleta
David Archuleta | Don't Run Away (19,450)
No Pic
Michael Weatherly | Under The Sun (18,777)
No Pic
Panic! At The Disco | Girls Girls Boys (18,000)
No Pic
Katy Perry | Roar (17,200)
No Pic
Demi Lovato | Made In The USA (17,000)
No Pic
Taylor Swift | Red (16,121)
No Pic
Miley Cyrus | Wrecking Ball (15,121)
No Pic All Time Low ft. Vic Fuentes | A Love Like War (13,333)
Fifth Harmony Zedd ft. Hayley Williams | Stay The Night (12,123)
No Pic Cristina Quinones | Don't Go (11,111)
No Pic twenty-one pilots | House of Gold (10,667)


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