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The Rules
The categories listed here are decided by this:

The categories will be decided by a combination of fan voting and ballots casted by Musiqtone staff and heads and a special panel of random music executives, industry personnel.

Official ballots may or may not swing vote totals towards another but in categories in which it is indeed close on fan voting, the official ballots may guarantee a swing. The formula will be explained later.

Formula- uses the multiplier formula. For example, Kelly Clarkson captures 8 ballots, thus in first place. her ballots are multiplied by 500 and then added to the vote total from the fan votes. In some cases, especially the close categories, this may be enough for a second-place finisher in the fan voting to win the category by virtue of the ballot vote.

In the event that two acts capture the same amount of ballots, the tiebreaker goes to the act with the least amount of votes.

1st place- x1000 (if an act grabs 20/30 ballots, it is 20x1000 or 20,000 votes added to the fan vote total)
2nd place- x500
3rd place- x250
4th place- x125
5th place- x100
6th place- x50
7th place- x25
8th place- x10
9th place- x5
10th place- x1

If an act gets 0 ballots, then act does not qualify for multiplier.

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