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The Critics Corner: Albums
For Your Entertainment
Adam Lambert- For Your Entertainment
'Idol' runner-up crafts extremely entertaining album debut
Name: "For Your Entertainment"
Label: Octjay
Release Date: November 23, 2009
My rating: 4.5 out of 5

Review written by: Kate Mikus
There’s a saying that goes “Once a shooting star goes up, there’s no place to go but down.” Adam Lambert, who rose to fame during the eighth season of American Idol, the most watched and perhaps the most controversial season ever, is no doubt the definition of a shooting star. Fans all over America loved the flashy, daring, beyond good-looking and unbelievably talented artist. Yet, like many artists, he had people who didn’t believe in him, claiming his voice was “too Broadway to be mainstream.” However, he stirred up enough interest that his album, For Your Entertainment, shot to number one on the iTunes pop chart and number ten overall before even being released. Millions are wondering the outcome of Lambert’s debut album; fans anticipate it, haters want to see failure. (Kris Allen who?) Will Adam’s album live up to expectation or will this shooting star rapidly fall?

The album starts out with Music Again, which is hands down, one of the best songs that this music enthusiast has ever heard. The intro, for several seconds, sounds eerily like the intro N’Sync’s Bye Bye Bye for all of you 90’s kids out there who remember that song. From there, it leads into a techno/poppy/dance tune. It seems like an oxymoron to throw both techno and pop together in the same sentence but Adam Lambert makes it happen! The man’s range is beyond incredible with the power held behind the notes he is able to hit. This song is a must for anyone’s iPod.

Songs two and three, For Your Entertainment and Whataya Want From Me, respectively, are also poppy tunes. Whataya starts out with an amazing guitar solo and everything about this song from the music to the lyrics to Lambert’s voice is flawless; the perfect package. It is very easily a song I can imagine people bringing the cell phones out for at a show. For Your Entertainment has a funky beat that will no doubt captivate a listener’s attention because it is just that-funky and original. For our entertainment Adam Lambert is indeed.

Picture a high end fashion show with beautiful models strutting down the catwalk. The fourth song on the album Strut is what this reminds me of and it will no doubt be the perfect setting for this melody.  The fifth song Soaked, slows things down. I am not crazy about this particular song, yet it still is not bad. It just does not live up to par with the rest of the album. I cannot quite put my finger on what it is that I dislike, regardless, this is not a song that should be overlooked. The pace picks up once again with the album’s sixth song, Surefire Winners. There are no other words to describe the song other than home run.

While Lambert has been capable of belting out ballads better than majority of the world in the past, for some reason, the slower songs on this album do not impress me very much. The seventh song A Loaded Smile is too techno sounding for a ballad. Once again, the song is not bad, simply so-so. It’s a song most people can relate to, as we’ve all had pain hidden behind our smiles, and the lyrics tell a great story but Lambert’s voice simply does not go with the music behind this song.

Songs eight and nine, If I Had You and Pick U Up are beyond impressive. The piano in Pick U Up is magical.  If I Had You is the perfect song for the clubs. Both showcase Lambert’s talent in enormous ways. Never before have I thought someone’s voice was so flawless and it shows in these two songs. A cover of Fever, the tenth song, broadcasts Lambert’s talent and makes me wonder why he did not win American Idol after all.  Songs eleven and twelve slow down once again and are somewhat bland. The last two songs on the album tie it up nicely, proving once again what a genuine, true artist Adam Lambert is.

Throughout the writing of this review in the past few days, I have listened to this album several times and truly cannot get enough of it. In Adam Lambert’s case, there is no doubt that his star will continue to rise. Be sure to pick up his debut album, in stores Tuesday, November 24th.
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