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The Critics Corner: Albums
aLLSTAR Weekend
Allstar Weekend- Suddenly
Teen pop/rockers craft strong debut EP

Name: "Suddenly"
Label: Hollywood
Release Date: June 21, 2010
My rating: 4.4 out of 5

Review written by: Gabriela Elena

Allstar Weekend is starting to make headlines with fans across the country, as well as in the music industry. Their new album "Suddenly" has a creative sound that one can automatically recognize as their music. With their eclectic pop sound, and special effects, these local Southern California boys (Zack, Nathan, Cameron and Michael) can only go up from here. From passing out fliers at local concerts, to headlining their very own tour, in a span of a year, they have come a long way. Each track on their album has a different sound as well as a story behind the lyrics and relates to their own personal lives. Being able to write their own music lets them share their experiences in one way or another.

Their first track "Hey Princess" grabs the listener into a pop catchy beat, the song describes a girl they wish to pursue their fairy tale ending with. The one they will always be there for and will fight for until the end. As long as she is comfortable with herself they will always see her as the princess she is. Upon reaching the chorus the tempo skyrockets and turns into a dance beat worthy of rocking out to. 

Going onto the next track, you can see why this band is different from others on the radio. within the first ten seconds of the song "A Different Side of Me" has a unique keyboard effect that draws the listener to keep them interested. The song itself expresses that there are two sides to everyone. The side that everyone sees and the side you want to show everyone but can't seem to get out. Declaring that no one really knows someone unless they personally get to know them and ask about their future dreams. Besides, everyone needs a little push to achieve their dreams. 

Current single, and immediate hit, "Dance Forever" sets the tone of their summer anthem. It's the perfect song to listen to driving to your favorite summer activity. It is purely just about having fun with your friends and dancing the night away. The vibe of the song is pure and simple with an accent of pop sound, talent and style different from many songs on the radio. The song itself has the strength to reach out to an audience solely on its assortment of character and lyrics.

Starting off with a chime melody, "Clock Runs Out", draws the listener into the song. The song depicts that there is a certain time to work things out but sometimes we need to just step back, see the damage, and work from there. There are always times where stuff happens and a simple sorry won't cut it. From the first verse this pop/rock song has a simplistic start but carries on with a powerful rock edge. 

If you've ever had someone impact your life in a big way you know you see things differently from everyone else. With a softer tone than the rest of the tracks on the EP, "Amy" is story of a girl who changed the perspective of things. Not only does this song have a softer tone, but each of the instrumental tracks is appreciated more without over producing the song. Carrying on with the story of knowing someone changed your life in a huge way and you will never forget them. Even after everything, they are still someone you will do anything for. This song has a profound approach that makes it stand out among the other tracks solely on the different feel and tone.

Ever wonder what will happen next in your life? "Journey to the End of my Life" is a song that makes one think of ones future. Being a re-recorded track, and a classic favorite, this song talks about how there are a million possibilities of what will happen next in all of our lives. Not knowing what the future has in store for each and everyone one of us, makes us that much more curious but it's also a part of life. Even then, what makes this song different from the rest, is the rap portion of the song, its a perfect mix and enters the song smoothly unlike songs that force rap portions into them. With it's captivating chorus, and rhythmic flair, it's hard not to sing along with this song. 

For those who have had a rough week, "The Weekend" is the perfect song to lift your spirits. This catchy track has all the possibilities one can accomplish in just two days and to be able to start fresh for the next week. Starting with an upbeat from start to finish it's the perfect song to end the album. Blending a mix of sounds brings all expressions to the entire album as a whole.

With their unique mix and blend of sound, this album is perfect as a summer companion. It's been a whirlwind of instant fame for these boys and they're definitely an artist to watch in the next upcoming months. Expecting chart topping hits with universal sound can without a doubt reach heights with many fans.
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