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Friday, February 22nd
Music Reviews: Albums
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Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale- Headstrong

Disney star debuts strong on first album
HeadstrongAshley Tisdale is probably better known for her roles in Disney's “High School Musical” as Sharpay Evans and “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” as Maddie Fitzpatrick. In her debut album Headstrong, Ashley proves that she can break away from her Disney name as she is signed to Warner Bros. Records. The album dropped on February 6, 2007. There are 14 songs three of which were co-written by Ashley.

The first song “Intro” is a medley of 9 of the other 13 songs. Next, “So Much For You”, an upbeat, easy to dance to song. This song is basically about a girl who will do anything to be with the guy she wants, even if he questions it.

The third track is titled “He Said She Said”. Once again an upbeat dance song. Most likely something you would hear in the clubs. Again, about a girl and a boy who fall for each other and think of each other constantly. This is definitely the song a girl can blast from her car stereo. Baby I can see us movin like that/Baby I can see us touching like that/Baby I can see us kissing like that/We don't need no more that he said she said/ is the beginning to the refrain. The lyrics are well written with reference to Jessica Alba in the opening verse. Although the constant "He Said, She Said" in both the verses and refrain can be a bit much it definitely makes the song. This song is packed with a catchy beat that will be stuck in your head along with the lyrics for a while after listening.

Track 4 is the single of the album Be Good To Me. I don't ask for much all/I want is your love/. Basically, this track is about how when a relationship first started out everything was right, but as time went on they changed and it just is not the same anymore. At the same time though she doesn’t want to end the relationship, just fix it. The music is very fun and the lyrics are easily stuck in your head.

In “Not Like That”, this song breaks away from the other three relationship and talks about her life in fame and its not as glamorous as you might think. It proves she is just a normal person who does not really care what people around her think of her. This song is also fun and very catchy. The beat starts almost Egyptian like then busts in with a killer drum and cymbals combo.

Track number 6 is “Unlove You” one of the slower songs on this album. "...I'll never turn my back on someone who loved me too.." This song could be related to almost any type of relationship not necessarily boyfriend/girlfriend. Almost all of us have lost one friend in our lives and it is very hard to just forget and move on. The vocals in this song were not all that great though, the music is alright too.

“Positivity” is another fun and very upbeat song about how you just have to stay positive in a relationship and life and not let anyone tear you down. There’s some really great music in this song. Mostly drums, bass, and techno effects. Also some really cool vocal effects through the song.

Next up is “Love Me For Me”. Another one of the slower songs. Amazing music and vocals. This song really flows well and has a powerful message. All the key ingredients to a great song in my book. This song is about how no one is perfect and if you want to be with someone you have to love them for them self and not for something you picture them as in your mind. It's a stay true to yourself kind of song. “Goin' Crazy” jumps right back into the faster songs. Great guitar and instrumentals through the whole song. The vocals are once again a bit off. However, the poor vocals do not take away from the song at all thanks to the music. The opposite applies for the song “Over It” which starts with a phone call about her boyfriend cheating and getting caught. The vocals are better here and the guitar is amazing in this song.

Track eleven in “Don't Touch (The Zoom Song)”. This song has amazing music. The lyrics are great as are the vocals. Something you can dance around to and just have fun with. After “Don't Touch” is “We'll Be Together”. Finally there is “Headstrong” and “Suddenly”, my two personal favorites. “Headstrong” has a fast beat with great instrumentals. The music at the beginning just makes you want to keep listening. Another fun song to jump around and dance to. “Suddenly” on the other hand is a slower song with mostly piano as the main instrument. This song is about Ashley's life in fame once again. How things have changed and just how she feels about it. "Suddenly people know my name suddenly everything has changed suddenly I feel so alive in the blink of an eye my dreams begin to rain," is the refrain. Ashley's vocal abilities shine in this song.

Overall I think that this was a great kick off album. Headstrong has a good mix of everything. There are the songs you can dance to, be inspired by, and even cry to. The vocals for the most part were excellent and the music is great. This is definitely a must listen to album. Ashley Tisdale has a lot of potential as more then just an actress.

Album: Headstrong
Release date: February 6, 2007
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Rating: 4.5/5

Spencer AbbottSpencer Abbott is a staff writer at Musiqtone. You can reach her at spencerabbott@musiqtone.com
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