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Il Volo
All of You Ingram Hill
Alex Z. Name: All Of You
Label: Universal Republic
Release Date: July 12, 2011
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Review written by: Natasha Jordan
I am pretty sure I am not the only one who normally associates Colbie Caillat to the acoustic type of music, that is definitely catchy, but has all the same rhythm and basic sound. It threw me for a loop when I listened to the intro track of her third album, All Of You, as well as a few others. Don’t get me wrong, the simple acoustic type songs are definitely on the record, and they all showcase Colbie Caillat’s vocals very well, but a few tracks surprised me in the best of ways.

Brighter Than The Sun starts the album off with an upbeat track. The way Colbie sings the lyrics is true to her form, but it is definitely a fun new spin on her technique. It’s almost like a classic rock rap with a fun dance-around-your-house-in-your-pjs feel.

I do is another one of those first-dance-at-your-wedding songs that Colbie is almost famous for. It has the same lovey-dovey feeling that her songs Bubbly and Lucky give you.   Before I Let You Go is another song about a relationship, but this one is different. In this song, the singer is waiting around for a guy to leave his girlfriend for her. At least, that is what I get from it. It is a nice a soothing song that is perfect for a bedtime playlist, but definitely not a song that I would want to have as the story of my life.

Favorite Song is undoubtedly my favorite song on the album (what a coincidence, right?). I love the beat, and the rapping in it. I personally love when there are mixes of different styles of music. And I believe this is a particularly good mix, because in many of her songs, it’s almost as if Colbie is rapping herself with the way she sings her lyrics.

What If is like a dream sequence. The dream sequence that many girls have, the romantic fantasy that love best friends becoming lovers will be the way they find ‘the one’. Following the dream sequence is a beautifully written break up song, where one person realizes that there is someone out there who will treat them better.  Shadow speaks quite obviously about a shadow, but more importantly about the person who wants to shine outside of the shadow of the relationship. This one is another favorite of mine from the album

Think Good Thoughts was another song on the train ride of self-esteem boosters. They were fun at first, but they are starting to get a little repetitive. I wasn’t a fan of the repetition in the song. The lyrics make sense with the storyline on the song, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Like Yesterday is another cutesy love song. Even though I am not one for repetition, Colbie just has a way of writing and singing cutest love songs. Some of them start to sound the same, but this one is definitely different and shines in its own light. All Of You is a slight deviance from the cutesy love song. This one comes from the heart and is just begging for complete honesty in a relationship. Colbie sings ‘It’s you I want, All of you.’ She is seeking reassurance in the relationship, and just asking if there is anyone else that gets completely in.

Living in a fantasy world, where it’s always summer and you can just spend your days carefree and hang out with your friends, is the gist of Dream Life, Life. The song just talks about the perfect ideal world, carefree and innocent. What Means The Most steps up the emotional scale a little bit, and talks about working so hard that you forget the simple things, that coming home and just getting a hug and a kiss from your loved one means the most.

In Make It Rain, Colbie sings about that time right before a relationship actually blossoms, when you are still in that ‘feeling it out stage.’ At that moment in time, she is feeling like she just wants the friendship to push through that stage and blossom into something better.

Sometimes you get to that point in a relationship, where you forget to do the little things, like just wrap your arms around the other. Stereo ends the album on a little bit of faster tempo, and with a little bit of hope. You just want the couple to get back to their honeymoon stage. Maybe if Colbie sang another one of her songs to him, he would go back to how their relationship started.

All in all, the album was what I expected a Colbie Caillat album to be. It was full of adorable love songs, and then a few just to mix it up a little bit. I think if I was in a different stage of life, I would appreciate the love songs on a more emotional level, but as for right now, they are just cute songs that I listen to every once in a while. As always the vocals are amazing, and some of the songs really surprised me, but only some. I would recommend this album to friends, just don’t expect anything new. Colbie stays true to the form she has owned, but she continues to shine as well.
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