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Friday, February 22nd
Music Reviews: Albums
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Corbin Bleu
Corbin Bleu- 'Another Side'

Third 'High School Musical' alum spins and sparkles in debut
Another SideWith “High School Musical” stars such as Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens, I was worried Corbin Bleu wouldn’t compare to the two. However, after giving the album a listen, Corbin not only could compare to those artists, but went above and beyond “High School Musical” for his debut album, “Another Side”. The album starts off with the upbeat second single, “Deal With It”, a song that gets the listener pumped up for the rest of the album. The next song, “Stop”, is a unique song with a catchy beat that makes you want to get up and dance to the pop/hip hop mix of music. “Roll With You” then blasts through the stereo, and I know I won’t be able to pause the CD to stop for anything. “Next thing I know,” as Corbin sings, “She Could Be”, an adorable love song plays. Definitely one of my favorite songs off the CD, I’m hoping it will be a single at some point. Next is a song co-written by Corbin himself, titled “I Get Lonely”. The transition into the chorus is a fresh burst of energy that makes the song another favorite. “We Come to Party” a high-energy song is up next, another song that makes dancing almost a requirement. “Mixed Up”, a catchy song that would be a perfect choice for a song to play in a club, as again dancing comes easy. 
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Vanessa Hudgens joins Corbin on the next song, “Still There For Me”, a beautiful love song that would make any girl swoon. “Marchin’” gives me flashbacks to the “High School Musical Tour”. I can simply picture Corbin and the dancers rocking out on their drums in this high-energy song, another favorite of mine. Next is another song written by Corbin, “Never Met a Girl Like You”, a song that would be great for a road trip or for simply hanging out in your room rocking out to some music. “Homework”, a song that doesn’t feel at all like homework when listening to it, is full of catchy lyrics that echo in your mind long after listening to the song. Finally, Corbin’s first single, “Push It to the Limit”, comes on. It is easy to picture Corbin’s music video for this song, seeing the dance moves in your mind, wanting to dance along.

Overall, the CD was a surprise for me. Corbin has officially proven himself as an artist who is here to stay. Full of talent, the still down-to-earth actor/singer/songwriter has shown that not all actors who make a move to singing will end up wishing they hadn’t made the transition. Out of 10, the CD gets a 9 from me. If you like Ashley Tisdale’s music and want something even more catchy and entertaining, Corbin’s CD is a must-have. 

Meagan MessinaMeagan Messina is a staff writer with Musiqtone. You can reach her at meaganmessina@musiqtone.com.

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