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Il Volo
Il Volo Ingram Hill
Alex Z. Name: Break the Spell
Label: 19/RCA
Release Date: November 18, 2011
Ratings: 4.2 out of 5

Review written by: Hailey Sager

Rock band Daughtry’s sensational emergence in the music industry has successfully masked the band’s humble beginnings of front man, Chris Daughtry. Most of pop culture forgets that Chris Daughtry was not the winner of American Idol season in 2006, due to the number of hit singles and the overall success of his band. Five years after Idol, Daughtry’s new album, “Break the Spell,” exceeds listeners’ expectations by not only being a rock album, but also having more of a pop sound infused within the overall tone of the album.

“Renegade” leads the album off right with an upbeat tempo. The lyrics described to me the situation living life to the fullest and making the most of what you’re given in life. The words, and message, are a brilliant fit with the instrumentals, making this reflection of life and beginnings a fantastic way to open the new album.

Break the Spell’s second track, “Crawling Back To You”, is the album’s first radio single.  This song is heavily reminiscent of a mixture of two other Daughtry singles, “No Surprise,” and “It’s Not Over.” All three songs are illustrative examples about wanting a relationship to be back the way it was, but it may or may not be too late.

“And just like a simple song I can’t get you Outta My Head,” the simplistic lyrics speak for the song itself. “Outta My Head,” is an easy song to enjoy and sing along to. The repetition of the lyrics works to the songs’ advantage, making it a fun poppy song.

Slowing down the album is, “Start of Something Good.” This song finishes off the story in “Life After You,” from Daughtry’s second album “Leave This Town.” In “Start of Something Good,” it almost gives us listeners’ hope that the people in “Life After You,” were able to move on for the better.

“Crazy,” is almost strikingly parallel to “Outta My Head.” If needed to be the two songs would have fit very nicely together, “I’m the one crazy after all…no doubt about it I can’t live without it.” Having similar songs would not work for most albums but, it gives “Break the Spell” a familiar touch and almost completes the album.

The title track, “Break the Spell,” fits gracefully in the middle of the album. The lyrical words, “how am I suppose to break the spell you got me under,” are a question to the other songs already heard on the album. The other songs are “Crazy” and “Outta My Head,” the spell is that he is going crazy and can’t get the thoughts of his loved one out of his head.

“Break the Spell” is filled with inspirational songs. “We’re Not Gonna Fall,” is definitely one of those inspirational songs. “We’re Not Gonna Fall,” tells the listeners to take a chance because most likely you will succeed in your achievements in life.

The cheerful songs come to a halt, with the sad song, “Gone Too Soon.” This heartbreaking ballad is a song about the loss of a child and all of the what-if’s his or her life could have been. The song is raw and heartfelt and one of my favorites on the album.

Another song about “losing your mind because you can not stop thinking about someone.” Although, “Losing My Mind” is my favorite of the three because it tells the story of a chance encounter on a train. My favorite movie is Before Sunrise, starring Ethan Hawke, about a chance encounter on a train. “Losing My Mind” instantly reminded me of the movie and became an album favorite.

After you lose your mind you need to be rescued right? “Rescue Me,” plays perfectly after “Losing My Mind,” as song number ten. In his darkest hour he lost his mind now he sings, “rescue me in the middle of my darkest hour.”

“Louder Than Ever,” is a pop-rock song that brings the album back to young love, reminiscing of all the glorious moments of a relationship. “Those nights we used to sing along we were livin’ in a love song.” Even if the relationship is over, the memories will forever be loud in their memory.

“Break the Spell” comes to a close at song twelve with “Spaceship.” It’s not the end of the story the album is telling because the song sings about looking out for greater things in life. “Together we will find that we’re not the only ones.”

“Break the Spell’s” use of repetition in it’s themes keeps the album from showing off more originality than I would have liked to have heard, but it definitely does not stop the album from proving to be raw and real. Daughtry’s albums have already surpassed records set by rock legends, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. “Break the Spell” will continue to be successful for Daughtry and I can’t wait to see what the band has in store next!

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