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Demi Lovato- Here We Go Again
Second effort showcases true talent
Name: "Here We Go Again"
Label: Hollywood
Release Date: July 21, 2009
My rating: 4.7 out of 5

Review written by: Alexandra Zawada

Demi Lovato captured the world with her first album "Don't Forget." Yet that album wasn't her style; it was more 'The Jonas Brothers' and pop mixed together with a touch of 'Demi'. For her second album, it was only right for her to release an album that reflects her own style – a record filled with complete honesty and a more soulful sound with a hint of pop. Demi Lovato's highly anticipated sophomore album, "Here We Go Again", is a must have - especially for all of you hopelessly in love or broken-hearted teenage girls.

The title of her album, as well as her new single, "Here We Go Again", start it off. While listening to the lyrics, Demi’s voice clearly shows the battle that she is having with herself. The boy is wrong for her and she does everything to let go. But as soon as she sees him, all her previous efforts go to waste; she can't help the effect he has on her. This doesn't only happen once, as she shows by repeating the word 'again' multiple times in the song. Not only will the catchy lyrics be stuck in your head after you hear this song, but the guitar melody will be as well. "Here We Go Again" is definitely a strong start to the record. It continues on to another powerful song, "Solo". It starts off at a relatively slow pace with Demi's voice staying mellow and low, while she begins to tell the story of how she didn't know how to perceive an actor's intentions until he clearly showed that he was using her to get to her best friend. The song progresses to get faster and more aggressive as it reaches to the chorus. There is a play on words in the song with 'solo' and 'so low' - a critical difference to understanding the meaning of it.

"U Got Nothin' On Me" mixes in all the different sounds Demi’s been using so far. It begins with the title being repeated a few times. Throughout the song, Demi uses all the vocals techniques she exceeds at - soft, melodic, and powerful. When I first took a listen to this song, it reminded me of ABBA's style adding along the pop and rock feel as well. The sound that the first three songs brought takes a sudden change with "Falling Over Me". This song is definitely shows of the new sound that Demi was trying to portray into this record. The fast paced instrumentals complement Demi's slow, melodic vocals. "Falling Over Me" takes us to another side of her voice that we weren't exposed to previously. She brings out her never disappointing powerful voice in the bridge of the song. Up next is “Quiet.”  The title completely contradicts the feel of the song. Yes, the song does have its soft sound, but the majority of it is completely taken over by her powerful voice. She alternates between both volumes in order to bring a different type of attention to each part of the song.

The song that will definitely get the most attention is "Catch Me". It's put together with a sweet, yet catchy melody and will definitely linger in your mind. It is like a sweet lullaby with powerful vocals and a short outburst of a more rock and pop feel towards the end. To all the hopelessly in love girls, this is your song. To all you girls that are beginning a new relationship, but are still stressing if you are going to get your heartbroken - this is a song that would be number one on the soundtrack to your life. This will be the song you will be quoting and playing on repeat. Don't believe me? Go and take a listen.

The beginning of "Every Time You Lie" reminds me of music that would be in a vintage movie or a Broadway show. This song is more of the soulful sound that Demi wanted to achieve with this record. After taking a listen you will be convinced that this talented star can most likely take on and excel at any type of sound she wants to achieve. Yet again, the record takes on another twist with "Got Dynamite." It consists of very catchy lyrics that will leave you impressed at the creativity level they take on - such as "Find out how to crack me/Log in try to hack me". It will leave you bopping your head and tapping your foot to it's pop yet rock sound. Repetition is definitely key in "Stop the World," you will understand why once you take notice its. This is another song that incorporates different genres - pop, soulful and Demi's own personal touch.

"World of Chances" is another slower song, but nonetheless an example of well written lyrics. A soft guitar melody accompanied by a regular drum beat complement Demi's strong vocals well in this song. She sings about waiting on a guy and how she would have given him her all but he lost out on the opportunity. A song that is unlike any other song on the record would be "Remember December." It begins with a more electro feel with the guitar and keyboard as it progresses up to the chorus where Demi's vocals overpower the song and take on a more rock and pop style. "Remember December" describes how she misses the 'honeymoon' stage of the relationship, when everything seemed perfect - which in Demi's case was in December.

Finally, the last song is "Everything You're Not." It begins with a simple beat accompanied by Demi's soft, melodic voice and takes a sudden turn to loud and aggressive in the chorus. It tells the story of how Demi was really into a guy, but was oblivious to the reason why she was hurting. She came to the realization that he really wasn't what she wanted after all; she wanted someone that would treat her right and with respect.

All in all, Demi was finally able to prove to the world that she has her own style and is able to record a rockin' album all on her own. If she hasn't caught your attention with her performance on "Camp Rock" or her first album, "Don't Forget" - this record will have you wrapped around her finger. She brings together her great band, her effortlessly amazing vocals, and creative lyrics. All the high expectations that have been set forth for this album will be met if not exceeded. If there is one thing I'm sure of, is Demi is definitely not leaving us anytime soon. She will continue to shock the world.

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