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Easton Corbin
All Over The Road Easton Corbin | All Over The Road
Alex Z. Album name: All Over The Road
Label: Mercury Nashville
Release Date: September 18, 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Review written by: Maura Harwood
It’s no secret that Easton Corbin has been quite prevalent on the country music scene as of late. He scored a top 40 hit with his single “Lovin’ You Is Fun” and even accompanied country music giant Brad Paisley on his tour this summer, a show that I had the absolute pleasure of seeing. So it’s no surprise that the news of Corbin’s new album “All Over The Road” got the country music part of me quite excited.

The album, which features 11 purely country tunes, showcases the best of Corbin’s George Strait-like voice as well as relatable and happy lyrics.

“All Over The Road,” the title track, opens the album. This catchy and summery song describes the craziness of love, and how its feeling can make you feel “all over the road,” a song that it sure to have Corbin’s lady fans swooning.

“Lovin’ You Is Fun” is another summer top 40 country hit and also the first single off the album. With a catchy, two-step kind of beat and sweet lyrics, it’s no surprise the song earned Corbin a number nine spot on the Billboard charts.

One of the more low-key songs on the album comes from “That’s Gonna Leave A Memory.” It’s a painful reminder of what it feels like to have someone leave you, and Corbin’s voice only adds to the power of the lyrics. Another sadder song on the album comes from “Hearts Drawn In The Sand,” a typical country ballad about the memories of summer love and how it just cannot last. It’s a typical kind of song, but still sweet nonetheless.

“Dance Real Slow” showcases an Easton Corbin staple, which is a catchy beat that makes you want to sing the song over and over again, much like “Lovin’ You Is Fun.”

One of my favorites on the album is “A Thing For You.” The lyrics are sweet, adorable, and relatable, reminding everyone of a crush they’ve had at some point in their life. Similarly, “This Feels A Lot Like Love” sings, “this feels like something I don’t want to miss/you know that I’m singin’ when I say this, oh baby, this feels a lot like love.” Once again, Corbin delivers with a swoon-worthy country tune.

“Are You With Me” struck me with the guitar melody at the beginning of the song. The song is a beautiful ballad with beautiful lyrics, but the music is what truly makes the song.

“Only A Girl” is a song about moving on from someone who broke your heart, in true country style. “It’s only a girl/there’s a million of them in this town,” sings Corbin, once again proving his often relatable lyrics.

“Tulsa Texas” is reminiscent of an old country western song. It alludes to images of cowboys and horses, something that country fans will throroughly enjoy.

The album ends with “I Think Of You,” a sweet ballad laced with piano and guitar, about not being able to stop thinking about someone, another song that will score Corbin points with the women who love country music.

Easton Corbin blew me away when I saw him perform live with Brad Paisley, and his album is a true testament to his talent. He deserves a long, successful career in the music industry, and at this rate, it looks like he’s headed that way.
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