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Trawl EP Ed Tullett | Trawl (EP)
Hayley Holmes Album name: Trawl (EP)
Label: Equal Vision
Release Date: November 06, 2012
Rating: -- 4.7 out of 5

Review written by: Hayley Holmes
If you’re into rich acoustics and that “floating on a cloud” vibe, then Ed Tullett will in no way disappoint you.  His indie/folk style and impressive songwriting abilities provide a refreshing new light to the music industry. The 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Brighton, UK has recently been signed with Equal Vision Records, and released his EP Trawl via Purevolume.com.  This EP features four outstanding tracks that capture every essence from that previously talked about light, floating on a cloud sound. To a dark, more rich, earthy sound. I had the absolute pleasure of reviewing the EP, and here’s what I thought about Trawl.

The first track on the EP, “In Cure”, has that old indie folk sound which is very unique to this genre. This track especially has very similar qualities to those of Bon Iver. It has that escapist effect. It engulfs the listener and makes them feel as if they have escaped to somewhere of isolation and as if they were floating away to that place on a cloud. The song has a very melancholy vibe and it’s poetic lyrics only add to that effect.

The next song on the EP “Mothers”, once again provides that escapist feeling. With Ed’s songs he explains, “I love writing cryptically, leaving my lyrics open to interpretation”, which is clearly evident in writing a song entitled Mothers. This track is like a breath of fresh air or a warm blanket, which is very fitting for most when thinking about their Mother. One of the lyrics of the song “All sons aching love, all summoned mothers every day” only amplifies the message of the EP Trawl, which literally means to search. Each song is like a search in itself.

From there, the EP transitions into the third song “Heathen”. This track contains the truest folk characteristics on the EP. It is evident that there is a banjo accompanied by other instruments. The use of the inconsistent strums of the instruments in contrast to the harmonic voices in this track makes this song incredibly interesting. It’s one of those that you feel as if you need to lie down in a field and just stare at the sky and contemplate everything you have ever done in your life. This track is probably my favorite due to the rhythmic combination of voices and instruments.

The last song on the EP is a track entitled “Ebb”. This track has the darkest feel to it. It is only fitting that the lyrics would be “The dark had shrunk your shoulders, your shadow ever older, the colour earned in lucid, colder lips by now.” This track does a wonderful job of painting the music to match the lyrics.

This EP was a tremendous showcase for this England native. This was perfect exploration of the singer/songwriter that is Ed Tullett. This EP gives listeners a selection of songs that they can listen to on a long drive, a beautiful day, or just to relax.  Trawl is a breath of fresh air and the perfect addition to the music industry. With the British invasion being a current trend, I could not think of a better addition then Ed Tullett. It is definitely something that I will be listening to constantly. Check out his EP Trawl when it is re-released on November 6th and check out/preorder Ed’s full length album “Never Joy” available on iTunes December 4th!
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