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The Critics Corner: Albums
Every Avenue
Every Avenue-Picture Perfect
Alt-rockers third effort puts music on new level
Name: "Picture Perfect"
Label: Fearless
Release Date: Nov 3, 2009
My rating: 4.7 out of 5

Review written by: Amy Walker

Back in August, I had the pleasure of interviewing seventeen year-old Emily Osment of Hannah Montana fame. Never before have I had the experience of getting to chat with someone so down-to-Earth and exuberant. When I was asked to review Emily’s debut EP All The Right Wrongs, I jumped at the chance. Most artists I’ve reviewed I’ve heard before so I know slightly what to expect. However, I had never heard Emily perform before. I popped the CD into my laptop, and before I knew it, found myself dancing along to the songs written by Emily herself.

The album starts out with the song All the Way Up which had me dancing. It has a unique rock sound to it, starting out with a drum sequence, eventually adding in guitar, which gave the song the exact edge it needed to sounds amazing. The lyrics remind me of the youthful innocence of a young teenager, which is not surprising considering Emily’s age. I bite my nails and play the air guitar is something I think most of us still do on a regular basis.

The second song starts out with a John Mayer edge to it, rock but calming at the same time. While it isn’t a song to dance to like All the Way Up, Average Girl tells a story many a girl can relate to on Valentine’s Day. The story illustrates a girl who is so hopeful and excited for her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and ends up getting dumped for someone described as ‘so beautiful.’ While it has a sad meaning, it is something so many girls of all different age groups can relate to, which is something that really makes Emily stand out from so many pop starlets out there today.

Things slow down a bit with Found Out About You which is a great ballad. While, unfortunately, Emily’s voice tends to be a bit pitchy at times, it doesn’t extract from the overall feel of the song. The piano in the beginning is beautiful, as is the entirety of the song.

I Hate The Homecoming Queen is once again another relatable song. We all know the type, thin and perfect with the short skirts who have everything they want and treat high school as a democracy; the type who will be lost once their don’t have their high school in the palm of their hand anymore. The song has a very rock and edgy sound to it that’s unique. Emily hits all the right pitches and notes in this song, and I think it is my favorite on this album.

You are the Only One has yet another rock and edgy feel to it that is similar to the previous song, yet it starts out faster. The first words on this track that Emily sings sounds beyond amazing; I wish there was some other word to describe it.  This song is about someone who is confused about many aspects of their current relationship. Ring a bell anyone?

The EP concludes with another ballad, What About Me, which has a singer-songwriter feel to it. It starts out with guitar with a little of piano added in. Drums enter in the chorus, which Emily nails. There are several different notes that need to be hit in this song, and Osment delivers it flawlessly. The song is a perfect end to the album.

I truly believe that this EP signifies that there are great things to come from singer/songwriter/actress Emily Osment. The EP exceeded expectations. Osment reminds me slightly of Taylor Swift; she really knows how to tell a story in the form of a song. Not only that, but Emily Osment is something that girls of all ages everywhere can relate to. It goes to show that girls who have careers in Hollywood truly are just like the rest of us; they go through the same up and downs and the same heartbreak.  The EP is definitely worth as listen as it is something you can dance to, cry to and relate to.

End verdict? 4 out of 5 stars and zero broken hearts.

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