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Friday, February 22nd
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Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy: "Infinity on High"

Chicago band expands on artistic freedom on second major effort
Infinity on High
I was lucky enough to get a chance to get my hands on the new Fall Out Boy record 'Infinity On High' a couple of weeks before it was released and I must say, I am impressed. I absolutely love the album as a whole. It is a very atypical album for Fall Out Boy. They are not conforming to any one sound, but taking hold of their artistic freedom with confidence; every song on the album is different and catchy in its own way.
"Thriller" is an excellent introduction to this new album from these Chicago rockers. It really represents the mood of the album, and what Fall Out Boy are all about. It also displays a guest appearance from well-known rap artist Jay-Z. What could be a better intro to an album?
"The Take Over, The Break's Over" is another great song. I'm going to have to stop saying that, because I will find myself saying this about every song on this album. My first impression of this song was that it had a very catchy beat, that's not so unfamiliar to Fall Out Boy's past collection of songs. This is definitely one of the more average songs on the album, but still great nonetheless.
"This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arm's Race" is one of my favorites and also happens to be the first single to be released from the album. The song has a great mixture of mind-blowing beats and beautiful yet politically outspoken lyrics that fit together perfectly.
"I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)" is a trademark for long Fall Out Boy song titles. It definitely reminds me of the older Fall Out Boy material; a catchy song, with blissful lyrics speaking of love. While this is the style of song I wouldn't usually rate highly, I find that this is one that really sticks in my head due to the outstanding lyrics. Patrick Stump's vocal talent is truly defined here which really adds to the song.
"Hum Hallelujah" is another one of my favorites on the album. It's a great peice musically, complete with chior vocals. The lyrics are very tongue-in-cheek and I love that. Personally, I am a fan of great words. Pete Wentz can truly "write it better than you ever felt it."
"Golden" starts off with a piano solo. It is a definite ballad on the album, something new and different from past Fall Out Boy tracks. This song is beautifully written to put it simple - I'd say this is one of the best songs that the band has written yet.
"Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" brings us back to the old school Fall Out Boy style. The music is catchy and pop-punkish with catchy lyrics. I can see this one being a single.
"Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?" is very average and is compareable to a lot of other music in this same genre. The vocals are very impressive on this song. It definitely does not take away from the album in any way.
"The (After) Life Of The Party" is a healthy change from the rest of the album. It is a fast ballad with synthesized beats and slow, almost spoken lyrics. The chorus breaks out with very strong guitar riffs. I particular like a certain lyric in this song: "I'm a stitch away from making it / And a scar away from falling apart" It's very refreshing for a Fall Out Boy song. Definitely a favorite.
"The Carpal Tunnel Of Love" is rumored to be the second single released from the new release. I don't personally feel this is a single-worthy song on this album. The verses are stale and boring, and the vocals sound muffled. The chorus is a little more bouncy like you'd expect from Fall Out Boy, but as a whole I'd say this song is a little bit of a let down, save the screaming part that Pete does. I am a fan of anything pop-punk that has a screaming part, and I think that is what saves this song for me.
"Bang The Doldrums" is very catchy with a progressive beat and memorable hooks. The "ohs" and "whoas" in this song really make it a typical song for Fall Out Boy. It is a very well written track in both musical and lyrical terms.
"Fame < Infamy" is eccentrically titled and suitably so. This is a fantastic song lyrically. The track has heavy guitars and the drums sound awesome, especially when you have it loud. Again, another great song on the album.
"You're Crashing, But You're No Wave" is, in my opinion, the worst song on the album. It's not so terrible that I find it unbearable, but it is one that I'd probably skip almost anytime my iPod is at finger's reach. Musically, it is repetitive and almost boring. The lyrics dont stand out as anything creative or striking. Definitely not one of the best songs that Fall Out Boy has written.
"I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers" is a track that really stands out. It starts with funky beats that fuse well with the synthesized horns and piano. The vocals are amazing, slow and even sound a little angry. You can definitely hear the attitute in Patrick's voice. It is a beautifully written fast paced ballad. Like I said before, it stands out from the rest of the songs on the album.

'Inifinity On High' is definitely a record to get your hands on. Every song on this album is different and good in it's own specific way. I am still listening to it daily and I haven't grown tired of it yet! This is a stepping stone for Fall Out Boy, and I believe they are truly showing off their artistic ability with the release of this album.
IFO is available at most music retail stores including Walmart & Target, and online at amazon.com & itunes.
Please visit www.falloutboyrock.com for more information on Fall Out Boy and Infinity On High.

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