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The Critics Corner: Albums
Lucky Street
Go Radio | Lucky street
Alt-rockers' long awaited debut a solid effort
Name: Lucky Street
Label: Fearless
Release Date: March 1, 2011
Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Review written by: Natasha Jordan

Lucky Street is the first full length album put out by the band Go Radio. They have previously released two EP’s, their first being self published, and the second released through Fearless Records, their current label. Their last EP charted 36th on independent albums, and this full length album packs the heat. The songs on the album cover a range of topics and emotions, not just the sad song that is sometimes linked to alternative bands.

Lucky Street is the title track of the album and starts the album off with a loud siren noise, which leads you to believe Lucky Street isn’t going to be very lucky. As much as you want the street to be lucky, it is just a place where friends meet together to talk about their regrets, but even if you are just “chasing red balloons” you can hold on to the promises you’ve made to each other, and hope for everything to turn around.

If I had any other heart talks about wanting to get revenge on someone, but having a good conscious, you choose not to. The other person is not very nice, and you want to scream from the rooftops about the coward the other person truly is, but you don’t want to sink to the other person’s level.

Singing With the King is a definite sad song about the end of your life. The song makes references about singing with musical legends that have passed away, “’cause mama it’s ok, tonight I’m going to sing with Elvis.”

Strength To Stay is about not having the will to go on because you don’t think you have the strength to say. The song makes a reference to cutting and the desperation you feel when you’ve gotten to the point where you feel the need to seek the end because there is no good ending in site.

Swear It Like You Mean It slows down in the beginning, but the song picks up pretty quickly. The song talks about someone leaving for someone else, but you hold on to the hope that eventually you can become exactly what they are looking for.

Why I’m Home stays at a slower pace for the whole song, but tells a wonderful story. The notes and volume at certain parts make great transitions for the emotions of the song. This one has a little bit of hope to it, almost as if the singer is unsure about someone reciprocating their love, but wanting it wholeheartedly.

Kill The beast is a get up and dance kind of song, especially with the upbeat musical interludes. The lyrics allude to a negative connotation to organized religion, but don’t outright say anything.
Hold On slows down a bit, but not substantially. It also has some awesome music time, but the lyrics tell more of a story of young love that is about to end, but the singer is begging for the other person to Hold On, because “We are worth it, we can hold on”.

Forever My Father is a beautiful ballad that portrays the need for your parent, even when you are older and moved away. Sometimes you just need your Dad to pick you up and make you feel better though the trials and tribulations of love.

Fight, Fight (Reach for the Sky) is a song about a toxic relationship. The girl pulls you down, almost to your death, and you have to fight for your life. The upbeat music keeps in time really well with the intensity of the song. The tone is portrayed very well, both musically and lyrically.
House of Halls is a beautiful song about the old cliché of ‘If these walls could talk’. The memories in the House of Hallways are “enough just to crush the best out of you and me.”

Redemption in the Verse is a song about losing faith and just having to plow through and “Scream through the fog” The chorus is very catchy, and the end paints a picture that fits well with the tone of the song.

The intro of The Truth Is, is very intriguing. It slowly leads into a crescendo of the music, then starts the story of the song. The Truth Is tells a story of love, and ends the album on a happy and positive note.

Each song tells its own individual story, and each story has a great musical background to it. The songs seem like they would be fun to listen to live, so make sure you check out Go Radio on tour with A Rocket to the Moon later this month, or on Warped Tour this summer.
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