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Hot Chelle Rae
Il Volo Ingram Hill
Alex Z. Name: Whatever – Hot Chelle Rae
Record Label: RCA Records
Release Date: November 29, 2011
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Review written by: Winfield Dean

Hot Chelle Rae, a pop-rock band from Nashville, TN, has hit a home run with their sophomore album, Whatever. The Nashville-based band has captivated minds all of the country with their catchy lyrics and pop rock melodies. Whatever starts off with “I Like It Like That”, featuring New Boyz, and “Tonight Tonight”. These two songs will get stuck in your head after one listen.”I Like It Like That”, single number two from the record, is about partying all night and just having a good time. “Tonight Tonight” was the first single off of the album released early this year. The “la la la” refrain throughout the entire time will have you singing and dancing along.

“Honestly”, track three on the album, is about ending a relationship; it’s about leaving something that is bad for you and not caring even though you know you should. This song has a slower melody than the first two songs but is still just as intriguing. Track number four, “Keep You With Me”, continues the relaxing melodies and memorable lyrics. This song is sweet and sentimental. It seems to be about being on tour and dealing with the hardships of being away from a loved one.

The fifth track, “Radio”, features Bei Maejor. It returns to a more upbeat tone like the first two tracks on the album. The song is about being away from a girl and singing her songs through the radio. The pop melodies are a great lead in to the six track, “Whatever”, which is about having things go wrong in your life and not caring, just say “whatever” because “life ain’t fair”.

“Forever Unstoppable”, the seventh track, is about a couple being “unstoppable”. It has extremely cute lyrics like “you can take my heart if yours won’t beat” and it has a beat that will keep your foot tapping. Next up is “Why Don’t You Love Me” featuring Demi Lovato. When I saw that Demi Lovato was singing in one of these songs, I wasn’t sure how lead singer Ryan Follese’s and Demi Lovato’s voices would sound together. It has turned out to be a great match, their voices complement each other perfectly. I was really impressed with the way this duet turned out. “Why Don’t You Love Me” is about craving for love with another, when the love isn’t there.

Track nine, “Downtown Girl”, is about an incredibly popular girl who can get anything she wants when she goes out because she knows she’s sought after. She feeds off of attention from others. “Beautiful Freaks”, the tenth track, is a song that will definitely have you dancing. “Just grab somebody and light the place up” makes it clear that this song was meant to have you moving around.  

The last track, “The Only One” is about finding the one person that makes your world spin. This is one of my favorite songs on the album because it has a slower rhythm and doesn’t necessarily sound like what you would expect from Hot Chelle Rae. Overall, this album is just extremely catchy. I find that every song has a certain lyric that gets stuck in my head at some point throughout the day. Hot Chelle Rae has an infectious sound that will keep you listening and wanting more.

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