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Breanne Duren
Blue Room Afternoon Ingram Hill
Alex Z. Album Title: Blue Room Afternoon
Release Date: June 21, 2011
Label: Rock Ridge Music
Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Review written by: Alexandra Boisvert
The beauty of an acoustic album is the raw talent that it is capable of showcasing. Nowadays, anyone can go into a studio and make a hit single with the help of auto tune. Few artists can actually sit down and produce an album that is purely guitar, piano, limited percussion and vocals with such high quality that it almost goes unnoticed. On this album, Ingram Hill showcases some of their greatest hits in an acoustic setting, from “Almost Perfect” to “On My Way”.

“From here to anywhere.” Or, in this case, “from Memphis to anywhere”. That seems to be the motto of Ingram Hill, the band created by lead singer Justin Moore and lead guitarist Phil Bogard. After attending the University of Memphis together, Justin and Phil decided to join with Shea Sowell and Matt Chambless and form their group. Currently, the members are Justin Moore (lead vocals), Phil Bogard (lead guitar), and Zach Kirk (bass). Since their first EP release in 2002, they have been nothing but successful in their musical ventures. With each album released since then, from June’s Picture Show to Look Your Best, they have grown as a band and matured in their lyrics and their talents. This really shows through on their new acoustic album Blue Room Afternoon.

The album begins with “Will I Ever Make it Home”, originally off of the “June’s Picture Show” album. With just an acoustic guitar as backup, Justin truly expresses that longing for a familiar place that everyone has experienced at some point in his or her life. The band then takes us into a story of a girl who can’t seem to find her way with “Broken Lover”, originally from the Look Your Best album.

They continue by slowing it down a bit with “Never Be the Same”, from June’s Picture Show. This song seems to carry the most emotion out of the entire album. We then hear “Lady Grey”, followed by “I Won’t Be Your Lover”, which happens to be a song that had not been previously released.

The next song is “Almost Lover”, from June’s Picture Show. The lyrics of this song will appeal mostly to female listeners as Justin goes on to describe how he believes this girl is almost perfect. The appeal to the guys will be the idea of wanting the girl that is just out of your reach. Following the same suit is the next song on the CD “Hey Girl”, a song about a guy that falls for the best friend of the “popular” girl. The lyrics to this song could boost anyone’s self esteem.

“The Day Your Luck Runs Out” is a song that describes that argument that every couple has at least once. The lyrics perfectly express the breaking point that is eventually reached. “Miss Kennedy” is a typical, but cleverly written, song about the dream girl every guy longs for.

The most exciting of the songs on the album is “LA Crazy”. It encompasses all that comes with being in love and may be the most well-crafted song on the entire album. “On My Way” is a jab at an old flame that he wants nothing to do with. This song is the most blunt of all the songs in terms of the lyrics. The last song to be heard is “Magnolia Me” which is the most moving of them all and the second song written specifically for this album.

Overall, Blue Room Afternoon is yet another success for Ingram Hill. They continue to be a promising group that everyone should continue to watch in the future. They can only go up from here.
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