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Il Volo
Caged Birds Set Free Jason Reeves | Caged Birds Set Free
Alex Z. Name: Caged Birds Set Free
Label: abeautifularmyoftrees
Release Date: November 15, 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Review written by: Alexis Schwallier

Singer-song writer Jason Reeves might not be a household name yet, but his songs most certainly are. He is accredited with multiple hits around the world, and collaborations with the likes of Colbie Caillat, who is featured on 'Wishing Weeds,' from his latest EP. Even if you haven't heard of Reeves, the 27 year old who hails from Iowa, there is a chance you've heard his music. The ASCAP award winning song-writer has a new EP coming out - and surprisingly, only three months after his long waited LP, The Lovesick, which was independently released a year later than scheduled, after Reeves dropped from Warner Brothers. Caged Birds Set Free, the new EP from Reeves is set to drop, yet again independently, on November 15th. Caged Birds Set Free will be released digitally only and for purchase through iTunes and Amazon. The streaming of Caged Birds Set Free, that I was lucky enough to preview before it's release, was accompanied by this quote from Jason, "Now that my soul has been released my songs will no longer be held prisoner. Like Caged Birds Set Free they will fly. These 6 songs are the first step towards making up all the time lost in the past 3 years. I'm sorry we had to go through that together, but I'm very proud to be moving forward and on. I write songs in the hope they'll be heard, that we can share them as human connection, and that will now be much more possible. Thank you for staying with me and believing. Love in truth."

With an unbiased opinion, and fresh ears, since like most, I wasn't exactly sure if I had heard Reeves or not, I began my first listen of Caged Birds Set Free. Instantly, I knew just one listen, even two, wasn't going to cut it. A new favorite, perhaps?  Familiar with his work with Colbie, the EP was a pleasant listen. There is a raw, organic folk sound coming through with honest emotions that he has tapped into, marking a familiarity in his style of song writing, which is interwoven into heartfelt lyrics, acoustic guitars, and piano. "I’m incredibly excited to share these songs with you all and for this to be the beginning of the new era, where I can actually let people hear all the music I make. I’m so grateful for you," was posted by Reeves on his blog. It's refreshing to hear such an honest musician, passionate about his work, clear with his striped down sound, showing you a piece of himself through his music. Reeves seems grateful of his success, chances, and the new chapter in his career. Each song is indicative of how Reeve's writes, not just a man performing songs for you, but a poet with his words. The poetic story telling nature of his songs are clear with a line from 'Bicycle', the second song from Caged Birds Set Free. "I like the cursive sound of the words in all the letters you leave/You're like a classic, restless romantic straight from the cinema scene." Throughout the song, the words flows nicely with the soft, sultry sound of Reeve's voice, playing out a love story for your ears. Wishing Weed, which features Colbie Caillat, showcases both musicians voices and how complementary of one another they are. There is a natural feel to the duet, inhanced with the intertwine of violins.

For those already fans of Reeves, the EP will be anything but a disappointment. And for those who are just learning of the co-writer behind Caillat's hit singles, "Bubbly" and "Realize," you need to pick up the EP on November 15h, you too will not be disappointed. His influence of Bob Dylan, James Taylor, the whole 60's vibe, John Mayer, and Iron & Wine, that made him want to make songs is apparent, and he has successfully gone beyond just playing the piano or the guitar, even going beyond his voice - introducing a real, organic package deal. This acoustic, newer folk sound, the rhythm and blues of Caged Birds Set Free, is sure to be noticed and sure to launch Reeves further in his career as a singer-songwriter, not just a man behind the hits.

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