Friday, February 22nd
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JoJo: "The High Road"

JoJo shines and matures on sophomore effort

The High RoadJoJo has most definitely stepped it up in her new album The High Road. In comparison to her first album released in 2004, The High Road shows JoJo’s enormous growth and strength of voice. As if the vocals off the first album couldn’t get better JoJo proves us wrong presenting a vast vocal range and strength behind every note. JoJo has picked up styles from artists like Beyonce and Christina Aguilera making it a little R&B but basing the album on her original sound. 

 This album offers a little of everything, starting with an upbeat song “This Time” sharing her thoughts on a break-up being her fault that sounds like it came right off of a Cassie or Pussycat Dolls album. The album ends with a touching compassionate ballad “Note to God” expressing thoughts on the world today much like Mary J. Bliges “No More Drama”. The track “Exceptional” ensures that everyone is perfect the way they are being a perfect song for a target audience of early to mid teenagers. 

There has been controversy about the second track on the album, “The Way You Do Me”. The song contains explicit lyrics like, “Why you gotta be so good when you give it to me.” Lyrics like these are expected out of much older artists and make it hard to believe that JoJo is merely 15 years old. The lyrics chosen for the song can be taken in a different way then the song intended. Having a song like this on her sophomore album shows that she is quickly trying to grow up and aim for an older audience. Granted the album has improved and grown since her last, JoJo is still only 15 years old and should be treated as such.

 Whether you want to get up and dance or just sit and listen to soft soothing music, JoJo has you covered. Unlike JoJo’s last album, The High Road leaves almost half the songs on the album open to become singles. Many of the songs off the album are very likable and catchy leaving you humming them all day long. The maturity that was gained by JoJo in just a matter of a few years is amazing, leaving the impression that a bright future in the music industry awaits the prodigy.

JoJo: " The High Road"
Official website
Official Myspace
Label: Blackground/Universal
Rating: 4.0/5

Kim Kaminske is a music reviewer, interviewer, and New Artists columnist for Musiqtone. You can contact her at kimkaminske@musiqtone.com

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