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Justin Timberlake | Justified

Label:  Jive
Release Date:  November 5, 2002
Rating:  2.6 out of 10 (that was the scale in 2002)
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November 16, 2002
By Alan Ho

Here is my track-by-track analysis:

Synopsis- 'N SYNC is on hiatus with quotations around it. I think they're dead especially with self-proclaimed lead vocalist Justin Timberlake releasing his solo debut as you can see right above here. "Justified" is released under the Jive/Zomba recording label. and now my analyzing talents are put to the test.

Senorita- The intro to the song is unfortunately the best part. Timberlake is obviously not very creative because half the words are taken from earlier ‘N SYNC songs. This is not the way you want to start an album. But then again if you want to pander to young girls, I guess that’s the way to start. But you have to be desperate, real desperate. Oh and a good night to you too.

Like I Love You- This is the signature song, the first one. An obvious homage to Michael Jackson, especially if you’ve seen the video. Damn, this guy cannot make out at all!!! I can do better than that even if I’m singing John Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland!!!” And Justin, there can only be one Michael and that’s all we can take. Unfortunately, the best part is the rapping of Clipse and Pharrell Williams. The part “I just wanna love you, baaabyy!!!” is definitely an imitation of King of Pop.

(Oh No) What You Got- This is a pure hip-hop influenced song, also a bit too suggestive, but if you’re a young female under the age of 16, this is the song for you. It also seems that he wants to step all over Brit R&B sensation Craig David. The almost Oriental tune almost gets you hooked, a slightly better song than the first one. Could have done him some justice if he used this as the opening act.

Take It From Here- This is actually a decent-sounding song, the same level as Like I Love You. The words are a combo of Lionel Richie mixed with the upbeatness of Usher but the music behind it sounds like something straight out of an 80’s love album. But at least Justin, for all his musical deficiencies, executes it rather surprisingly well. Hell, he might have been big in the 80’s if he was in that era.

Cry Me A River- Although Justin denies this vehemently, this is definitely his scathing answer to Britney, who’s on the prowl for some impressionable Brit in the aftermath of the former. I actually find myself liking the song despite my extreme misgivings for this…man. The beat is R&B-laced obviously, but the words go very well with it and is executed perfectly. I like the beginning with the chant and the instrumentation behind it. The end was also equally excellent especially the retort at the end that sounds like something out of Daft Punk with the sonic phone. This is definitely an anthem for guys who get dumped by girls who immediately jump to the next available guy but also wants to rebound. I can personally relate to that, but that’s another soap opera for a later time.

Rock Your Body- Oh, no!!! Why dig back to Saturday Night Fever??? This horrible imitation has a Bee Gees-like beat combined with a Michael Jackson beat as well. It’s also sounds like a Bee Gees song!!! Hey Justin, DISCO IS DEAD, DISCO IS DEAD. PLEASE COME BACK TO EARTH!!! I also swear to god, his monologues leave much to be desired.

Nothin’ Else- Another 80’s R&B like hit. This is making hate the 80’s R&B revolution. Shame. I really liked the Neptunes a lot.

Last Night- Blah. Another song straight out of MJ. 

Still On My Brain- What the hell is this??? The 80’s AC beat is good. But the words leave a lot to be desired. This is definitely the mush of the mush

(And She Said) Take Me Now- This is another song influenced by the great Usher and 112. But it also feels like he wants to step over Daniel Bedingfield. Not smart, because at least he’s good at what he does. The words are not creative at all one bit and too formulaic. But it’s JT we’re talking about. The end of the song definitely blows big time. Yeeccchh. 

Right For Me- Sad.

Let’s Take A Ride- Let's take a ride then, a ride into my version of album hell.

Never Again- I will be damned a thousand times if this charts on any AC chart. It almost has that Michael Bolton melancholies to it.

Overall analysis- I won’t be surprised if I have a lot of supporters behind me, and I also won’t be surprised if I get flamed for this considering I’ve noticed how well this is selling. This is one of those albums that belong on my “bad list.” Justified is being carried in my opinion by “Like I Love You,” and “Cry Me A River.” The only other song I like a little bit was (Oh No) What You Got. But everything else was one big ICK. This is a bad way in my opinion to debut as a recording solo artist. Pandering other people is not good and is not original. And I also have submitted this on MSN, which was a mistake because I got flamed to a crisp by chicks I have no clue who they are except for one. Funny thing, most didn't talk about the music...only him. What a shame, what a shame. How about you go with Lance and get launched in the capsule with him and hopefully bring this abomination of music away with you as well. 

Final rating- From a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 2.6. The rating seems a bit liberal but at least there are two songs you can find some comfort in. If this goes platinum, it goes to show that we just haven’t grown up at all. Shame on us.

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