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The Critics Corner: Albums
Gravity Happens
Kate Voegele | Gravity Happens
Returning to the indie ranks, singer-songwriter evolves further on solid new album
Name: Gravity Happens
Label: ATO
Release Date: May 17, 2011
4.4 out of 5

Review written by: Stacie Sullivan

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress Kate Voegele released her second full-length album, Gravity Happens on Interscope Records to follow up her release of A Fine Mess on May 17, 2011.  She gained the majority of her attention in her music career by releasing demos and having songs played on popular television shows such as Kyle XY.  A Fine Mess was a great success for Voegele, the Billboard 200 at number ten.  Gravity Happens happened to be nothing short of great.  

The opening track of Gravity Happens is the song “Say You’re Not Mine” which grabs the listener’s attention from the start of the song.  When the song progresses to the chorus, the tempo speeds up and becomes very catchy.   The second song “Hundred Million Dollar Soul” has a softer sound than “Say You’re Not Mine,” but it allows her vocal range and the strength of her vocals to shine threw more.  Although the song starts softer, it gains speed as it progresses, and by the end, it’s nothing short of catchy.

“Enough for Always” has more of a country feel to it than the others do and is a relatable song for many girls in her fan base.  It’s about liking a boy and tells a story about her feelings. “Sunshine in My Sky” is definitely a feel good song to follow up the previous song and is a perfect summertime anthem while driving with the windows down.  “Heart in Chains” opens with a definite darker feeling to it about missing someone that you’ve lost to heartbreak and feeling lost; it is another relatable song primarily aimed at the teenage girls in her fan base. Voegele’s voice is very prominent and strong all throughout the song.  

“Sandcastles,” a much slower song on the album opens with a ballad feel to it. The primary instruments being used are acoustic guitar and piano in the beginning and then simple drum parts come in later.  The simple instrumentation allows the listener to focus more on the lyrics and on Voegele’s stunning vocals.  

“Burning The Harbor” is a song that adds more versatility to the album and is a great change from the other songs on the album.  Is also adds a more upbeat sound to it from the last few songs.  Voegele’s vocals during the chorus really shine through.  This is definitely one of the strongest songs on Gravity Happens.  “Impatient Girl” is another song on the album that has a different sound to it.  It opens up with a more electronic sound to it than the previous more acoustic sounding songs.  There’s clapping in the background that also adds character to the song and makes it more upbeat and happy.  

The album slows down again with “Beg You to Fall.”  Her vocals again shine through this song and makes very good use of simple instrumentation.  Although this song is one of the slower ones on the album, it is a very catchy song.  Within the song itself, it’s very versatile as far as sound goes.  There are parts where it speeds up and slows down again.  “Beg You To Fall” is sure to be a song that will easily grab the listener’s attention.  

“Enjoy the Ride,” a song about reminiscing and slowing down life is one of the more relaxing songs on the album. This is a song that someone could listen to, easily lay back and close their eyes.  “All I See” is another feel good song on the album that can be listened to at any time.  The album closes with the title track “Gravity Happens.”  It’s a great song to wrap up the album with a slow sound to it.  It’s a strong song lyrically and vocally and one that the listener will remember.
Overall, the album is a step up from her previous full length A Fine Mess.  While it was a success, Gravity Happens is sure to send her to the next level with her music career.  It has the same sound as A Fine Mess, just more fine-tuned.  The songs have a stronger, more mature sound.  Voegele’s voice has grown to be more powerful on Gravity Happens as well.  The album’s sound and material will continue to engage her current fan base while attracting the attention of new fans as well.

Gravity Happens is a very versatile album that can appeal to almost anyone.  Kate Voegele is a talented artist and she shouldn’t be looked past.  Gravity Happens is a great follow up to her previous release A Fine Mess and look out for more of Kate Voegele in the future.  
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