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The Critics Corner: Albums
Dirty Worj
Luigi De Santi | De Ja Vu
Italian prog rock act gets innovative on new album
Name: De Ja Vu (The Garret)
Label: Unsigned/Self-Released
Release Date: May 08, 2011
4.0 out of 5

Review written by: Ashley Rosenberg
Luigi de Santi and his cousin, Giulio collaborated in efforts to create a thought provoking, edgy, and progressive album.  The result came in the form of De Ja Vu (from the Garret...), eight songs that could easily be the soundtrack to a really interesting production.  Luigi and Giulio are from Italy and have taken their interested in music and progressive rock to a whole new level.  This album combines classical, modern, progressive, and rock music to create an extremely interesting and unique story through a collection of songs.

Key kicks the album off as if it was the soundtrack to an adventure.  It starts slowly and through the song builds up with bursts of drums and guitars.  The vocals in this song make you want to hear more and the lyrics are profound and thought provoking.  This song unlocks the energy and spirit of the album both vocally and musically.  The modern sound of the album combined with the vocals also brings an edge that pulls you in.

The second song on the album, Facts starts off as a folk song but ends with more energy and flows easily.  It starts off slowly, outlining the story of a man on a quest to find something of his that was taken.  The music switches up throughout the song as he realizes that he needs to look beyond assumptions and facts to be able to find what he was looking for.  This song gives the album a lot of action and moves it forward through the adventure with great musical composition and rich vocals.
Literally a dark carousel ride with words, Carousel winds up and down and takes you around, slowing down and then becoming faster throughout the song.  Different types of instruments combine to make this song unique as a mission is declared.  He is very determined, it's either do or fail, but it must be done.  He is trying to inspire people to think outside the box, and not be like the millions of people who are not free.

New Era starts out with simple guitar with a slightly unsetting feeling coming through in the melody.  It is a song of change and uncertainty that becomes stronger when the piano and heavier instruments lend their sounds.  The music picks up, almost as if new things are beginning to happen as the song goes on, a change begins to happen and we are left standing on the edge of what comes next. Just like rain on a window, Little Drops starts off slowly with a simple and relaxing melody.  The song evolves and speeds up almost like a wandering mind ready to start something, waiting for the rain to stop.  At one point in the song, the music ramps up as if something interesting or exciting is about to come.  The song is completely instrumental but could provide a soundtrack to a huge occurrence in anyone's life; it feels like the point where one is sick of waiting, is finding clarity and about to start something big.

Still Growin' has a youthful and hopeful spirit to it; the music begins to build up from the beginning, again using a combination of piano and various strings to create a modern yet classic sound.  It evokes the feelings of possibilities and having life ahead of you and the chance to take it and live it to the fullest.

The first single from this album is We Can't.  It's an edgy song with a hint of danger as the action begins.  He wants to prove people wrong and show them that what he is trying to do is possible even though they are convinced it is not.  He is willing to question, dig, and go against common assumptions to come out on top.  Clean closes the album perfectly.  The music is complex, yet clear and wraps things up nicely as if it was the resolution to a story or adventure.

Unlike most albums, when listened to the songs in order, De Ja Vu (from the Garret...) tells a story.  Though the story is ambiguous, there is a clear plot with twists, a climax, and resolution.  Each song is unique but carries a similar thread as the story, emotions, and feelings draw you through the entire album.  The music is complex and sophisticated and is so wholly complimented by the vocals and lyrics.  The songs are longer than the average song, and the music is very progressive.  I was very impressed by this album and I think that everyone should give it a listen and see where it takes them.
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