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Owl City
All Things Breanne Duren
Alex Z. Name: All Things Bright And Beautiful
Label: Universal Republic
Release Date: June 14, 2011
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Review written by: Stacie Sullivan
The one-man band, Owl City comprised of Adam Young has a new album called “All Things Bright and Beautiful” hitting shelves everywhere as of June 14th.  Young started off his career in 2007 in his parents’ basement and has achieved much success since then with the help of social networking sites like Myspace.  “All Things Bright and Beautiful” will follow up Owl City’s platinum album “Ocean Eyes” which gained most of its popularity from the hit song “Fireflies.”  “All Things Bright and Beautiful” has already had a large amount of success before it was even released with the song “Alligator Sky.”

The sound on “All Things Bright and Beautiful” didn’t sway too much away from Owl City’s previous albums.  Young has seemed to keep his sound consistent throughout the time he has been making music for Owl City.  For fans that enjoy his old sound it’s definitely an album worth checking out.  If you’re expecting a new sound on this album, don’t be surprised when it’s something you’re already familiar with.

“All Things Bright and Beautiful” opens with “The Real World.”  For a first impression, it has the same bright, summery, poppy sound that “Ocean Eyes” has.  The next song on the album is “Deer In The Headlights” which is even more poppy than the previous song.  It sounds like something that a young girl would dance around to in her bedroom.

“Angels” has a different sound than some of Owl City’s other songs with Young exclaiming the words “wake me if you’re out there” throughout the song.  “Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust” opens with instrumentation that sounds much like Queen’s “Bittersweet Symphony.”  It allows for a different feel on the album with more of an orchestral sound than other songs on the album.  However, the similar sound could possibly cause some controversy amongst fans.

 “Honey and The Bee” opens with a softer sound than other songs on the album.  It has a light sound with female vocals that adds character to it.  The lyrics are cheesy, but it’s still something that can be sung along to.

“Kamikaze” has random shouting in it, which to some could sound out of place and annoying.  The song is almost too busy.  “January 28, 1986” seems out of place on the album as well.  It’s simply a voice over talking about the Challenger explosion.  Although the next song on the album is called “Galaxies”, the voice over still seems out of place.

“Hospital Flowers” has a darker sound than the other song on the album, talking about a car crash.  Although somehow, Young sings about the tragedy giving him a “new sense of sight”  and having happiness returning to him through a song that has a much sadder tone to it.  The album returns to it’s poppy, happy sound with “The Yacht Club.”  It’s only the second song on the album that utilizes female vocals which adds versatility to it.

“Plant Life” has a much less electronic sound than the other songs that allows for a nice break.  The closing song is the single “Alligator Sky” which already has gained a large amount of popularity.  The song definitely has a similar sound to Young’s previous hit “Fireflies” and will definitely be taking over the radio stations just like “Fireflies” once did.  On the album, there is also a second version of the song featuring Shawn Chrystopher and his rapping adds a unique sound to the song.

“All Things Bright and Beautiful” is sure to be an album that will be just as popular as “Ocean Eyes” based on the success “Alligator Sky” has already had.  This is an album meant for a younger crowd and old Owl City Fans as well.  If you’re a fan of “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” be sure to check out Owl City on tour this summer.
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