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Purple | Bodacious

Label: Play It Again Sam
Release Date: April 01, 2016
Rating: 3.8 out of 5
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April 01, 2016
By Gabriella San Felipe
Texas natives Purple have been hard at work this past year, and are releasing their sophomore album titled "Bodacious." The three piece, self described "garage band" are proving to be much more than that. Through Bodacious they show listeners that they are a force to be reckoned with, and they both demand and deserve your attention. Even with their in-your-face punk rock attitude, Purple unveils deeper and more intimate emotions in this album, making them all the more relatable.

Bodacious opens up with the track "Backbone," a drum heavy song with gritty vocals and assertive lyrics. Singer Hanna Brewer bites down on listener's ears with the lyrics "My edge is all wrong/ But you know I'm still tryin'/ To get a backbone/ To get a backbone some day." Brewer screams out that she's still trying to find her way, but not to be fooled. Even though she is still on the journey to getting her "backbone," she is not to be messed with on her road there.

The second track, "Mini Van," is reminiscent of the heavier side of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The song is fun and light-hearted, with singers Hanna and Taylor telling a modern day love story. The lyrics "Looking pretty obvious/ Yeah I know you like this/ You're looking pretty obvious/ Yeah I know you like this/ Step into my minivan let's blow this pop stand" are funny and flirtatious, making this an easy song to have stuck on repeat.

"Bliss," the third track on this album, is one of the more pop-like songs on Bodacious, but the lyrics make it far from being another meaningless radio tune. Hanna shows a softer side both vocally and lyrically in the beginning of the song, as she sings, "I'm thinking too hard about what the future has/ And what happened last night/ Oh I regret it/ I made a big scene/ And no one will forget it" and then later in the song emotionally belts out "I just gotta focus on my own staying awake/ Instead of sleeping in the secret." With earlier tracks displaying her tough edge, this song lets us see a side of her that is both vulnerable and beautiful.

"Medicated" is another heart wrenching track on this album. Taylor really gets the chance to display his talent both vocally and instrumentally, and the lyrics are on par as well. Lines like "I'm feelin' naked from fakin'/ All the love that was taken/ I couldn't remember what you said at the time/ Maybe I could be courageous/ Tell you that I am contagious/ Maybe I'll try it tomorrow night" are a bare and honest look at the parts many fear they have, but never have the outgoing guts to face head on.

"Pretty Mouth" is a groovy reggae beat, with Hanna crooning out haunting lyrics, a common theme on this album. The lines "No one wants to hear those dirty words coming out of that pretty mouth/ C'mon now don't think what I said was so wrong/ If you don't like it then so long sucka/ I don't need your money 'cause I'm a hard worker" have a spine chilling effect, and when really listened to are empowering for everyone. Hanna is is declaring that she is able to stand up for what she believes in, and invites listeners to do the same.

The ninth track, "Geniva," is a catchy song about feeling good around a girl that's all bad. Taylor sings, "Geniva, you are my ball and chain/ I'll put you in the driver seat, and watch you switch the lanes/ Desperate, desperate for some love/ You got everything I need/ I couldn't get enough." Couple these lines with some hefty guitar and loud drums, and Purple have an instant feel good hit.

Only a few songs have the potential to be overlooked on this album, which include "Be Empty" and "What a Job." Both of these tracks seem to divert from the album's original feel, with tampered vocals on "Be Empty," and a way heavily inspired by Gwen Stefani feel to "What a Job," making the latter half of the album seem a little less cohesive. This is a minor criticism however, because even though the tracks could have been better suited on a different album, each have beautiful moments throughout that prove Purple can stray away from their original sound and somehow manage to pull it off.

"Feel the Low" is an extremely addictive song that starts off perfectly with a high pitched scream from Hanna, upbeat drums, and crazy guitar riffs. Taylor sings "I gotta lot of time to read before I die/ Maybe love is the answer/ Never know until I try/ When you're feeling the low oh oh oh oh oh oh oh" with Hanna jumping in on the last line, both singing in perfect harmony. "Feel the Low" really showcases just how unstoppable this vocal duo is when they are together, and makes listeners want to cheer them on from the sidelines.

With each new album Purple just keeps getting better, and reminds their audience why they fell in love with them in the first place. This band hasn't slowed down since they started, and let us know through Bodacious that they don't plan on it. Overall this album, as well as the band collectively, are hard-hitting, emotional, but most importantly: fun. 
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