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Friday, February 22nd
Music Reviews: Albums
First big alt-rock tour makes rousing stop in NC

The first big alt-rock tour of year stopped by North Carolina and put on a show for the ages.

Band brings electricity and passion to NY

Cristina goes to Albany, NY to check out the Jimmy Eat World/Paramore tour.

Silverstein & TDWP rocks out Seattle

Jennifer L. was in Seattle to check out Silverstein and The Devil Wears Prada.

The Veronicas makes rousing return to the US

The Australian twins made a loud return to the US and Cristina was there to see it all.

Band brings electric atmosphere to Wisconsin

Amy reviews The Honorary Title in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Country debut tries to do too much

Alan reviews the country debut of former Hootie & the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker.

Disney star makes stellar debut

Spencer reviews the major label and album debut of Camp Rock star Demi Lovato.

Fourth effort innovative & mellow

Michelle reviews the 4th effort from Tennessee pop/rockers Kings of Leon.

Chicago band eschews musical integrity for catchiness on third album

Cristina reviews the latest effort from Hoffman Estates, IL rockers The Academy Is.

Second effort shows off rock vibe

Shannon reviews the sophomore effort from Disney star Miley Cyrus.

Label debut fresh approach to acoustic pop/rock

Alan reviews the latest effort from star indie singer-songwriter Dave Barnes.

Sophomore effort shows growth

Jennifer B. reviews the sophomore effort from 'High School Musical's' Vanessa Hudgens.

Goodrem returns to form on third effort

Aussie sensation Delta Goodren returns to sunny pastures on her third album.

4th album retreats back to grungy anthems

Alan reviews the latest effort from anthemic Southern rockers 3 Doors Down.

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Gabe Dixon Band
The Gabe Dixon Band- The Gabe Dixon Band

Third effort shows off retooled sound
The Gabe Dixon BandWith their newly released album The Gabe Dixon Band, following On A Rolling Ball, released in 2002, The Gabe Dixon Band shows us the same band we already know with a new twist. Originally hailing from Nashville Tennessee, the band includes founder, Gabe Dixon, and his two college roommates Winston Harrison and Jano Rix.

Most of the album consists of easygoing mellow songs whose lyrics show the ups and downs and hardships that come along with love. The album opener “Disappear” and the songs “Baby Doll”, “And the World Turned”, “Further The Sky” (featuring Mindy Smith) and “Five More Hours”, seem to all fall into that same category. With lyrics such as “easy come and easy go/has never been the case/dreams of you are hard to erase/call me crazy/call me mad/call me what you will/but I’m sane enough/to know that I love you still”, from the song “Ever After You” show the pain and the aftermath from a breakup.

Other songs display the upbeat side of the band. “Find My Way” shows the theme of being lost and trying to find oneself. “Far From Home” sends a similar message of feeling lost and trying to make it through pain and hard times while feeling alone in the world. One of the more powerful songs, “All Will Be Well” speaks of hope and optimism by telling us that sometimes all you need is time to fix things that have happened in the past. “Till You’re Gone” tells a story about a person who is leaving and how the narrator is going to stand by their side and support them until they leave. “Sirens” meaning seems unclear but has a very riveting tune. These songs show the same type of melody and emphasize on the amazing piano playing ability that Dixon has.

Overall, “The Gabe Dixon Band” is definitely not an album to disappoint. It reveals the versatility and the originality of the band. Dixon’s catchy and meaningful lyrics will have you singing along after just a few listens.

Name: "Gabe Dixon Band "
Label: Concord Music Group
Release Date: August 26, 2008
My rating: 4.2 out of 5

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