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Friday, February 22nd
Music Reviews: Albums
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The Rocket Summer
The Rocket Summer- Do You Feel

Musical tour de force sparkles in major-label debut
When I heard about The Rocket Summer's newest album, "Do You Feel", I was instantly excited. I was hoping for yet another cd full of catchy tunes, songs that would show an ever maturing Bryce Avary. Upon getting my hands on what I considered my most anticipated release of the year, I listened to it several times. At first Avary's songs didn't pull me in as I hoped, but got increasingly better the more I played them. I can now say that I have once again, fallen in love with the works of Bryce Avary, and that I was, and still am impressed by his talents.

The album starts of with "Break It Out", the shortest track listed. It is one song, if any, that I would've enjoyed more so if it was longer and had a bit more substance. It instantly starts of with the upbeat pop-y music that Bryce is know for. While listening you will find your feet tapping and your body to begin moving with the beat.

 Next off is the debut single, "So Much Love". It is quite possibly a love song, with the chorus being "You got so much love in you/I'm amazed that I'm talkin' to you/You look like the songs that I've heard my whole life coming true". It is another fast beat song that will undoubtly get you singing along. Hearing this song on his Myspace before the debut of the album, I was anticipating the release more and more. This song is the Bryce that I have come to know and love, which can be taken as both good and bad.

 I believe the title track, "Do You Feel" is by far one of the strongest songs on the album. It is again written truly like the Rocket Summer we remember from past albums, being catchy and fun. The chorus is a bit different from the rest of the songs on the album, his voice being most out standing on this song. "Do you feel/The weight of the world singing sorrow/Or do you is it just not real/'Cause you got your things/Yeah we all so many things" is by far the best written chorus on the album.

"High Life Scenery" is my favorite track of the album. I cannot say one negative thing about it. I love the difference in the introduction, the lyrics, the beat, the instrumentation and the vocals. The piano is a great asset to the song, making it a bit different from the rest. It's about speaking up, and making a change. This is one song that I have played over and over again, it is undeniably fun, and happy and danceable, which in my opinion is the making of a great song.

Bryce's most controversiall track is "A Song is Not a Business Plan." It is Bryce talking about how he would wants to keep things for the music, and not for the money. The guitar gives the song a new feel from the rest of the album, and the growing intensity of his vocals towards the end is outstanding

"Run to You" apeals to me because it is the softest track on the album. The piano is smooth, and Bryce's vocals are smooth and calming. It's a nice break within all of the upbeatness of the rest of the album. Bryce's talents come through full force in this track, sealing the deal for many fans, I'm sure. The lyrics of "Run to You" are some of my favorite lyrics of the entire album. "Turn look look out and see/do you see me?/cause i see think i see you" is all about seeing who someone truly is.

The rest of the songs on "Do You Feel", "Save", "All I Have", "Taken Aback", "Colors", "Hold it Up", "Waiting" and "So, in this Hour" are by no means disappointments. A few of them definitely show the 'old' Rocket Summer, one we see reflected in his past albums. This is good for committed fan, but maybe not so much for everyone else. The album, and these songs have a bit of repetitivness to them, but nothing to disappoint.

Name: Do You Feel?
Label: Island Records
Release Date: July 17, 2007
My rating: 4.6 out of 5

Ashley FoxAshley Fox is a staff writer with Musiqtone. You can contact her at ashleyfox@musiqtone.com.
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