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The Critics Corner: Albums
The Script
The Script | Science & Faith
Irish pop/rockers grow legend and rep on sophomore offering
Name: Science & Faith
Label: Epic Records (US)
Release Date: January 18, 2011
Rating: 4.5/5

Review written by: Ashley Rosenberg

Touching the likes of musical fancy across the world, the Dublin based soft rock and soul band, The Script has graced us with another masterpiece album.  Though this is only the second album that The Script has released, there is no lack of creativity, professionalism, or talent.  Their influences come from all different kinds of music though this album seems to draw heavily from the likes of R&B and soft Indie rock.  We got a taste of The Script when their song, Breakeven coursed through radio waves; this album gives us a deeper look into the band and their musical prowess.

The album starts off with a catchy, guitar laced tune.  Expressing how much he cares for her, You Won't Feel A Thing is about how much he wants to protect her from.  He's felt all of these awful things, but he'd go through them again just to keep her from experiencing them.

Often times, we go through life not really feeling like we make much of a difference or needed very much. For the First Time is about finding that person who makes you feel needed even in the most down and out situations.  The music to this song is less intense, though his voice and the lyrics really push the meaning and overall sentiment of the song.

Nothing is a slower, more delicate song with somber undertones.  These undertones are pulled up as the lyrics of the song are realized.  He was in love with her and tells her how much and how strongly he feels for her only to receive nothing in response.   

We always try to explain the meaning behind things no matter what they are; a relationship that works well, sometimes cannot be explained.  Science and Faith tries to explain the love between a couple but cannot.  Love is unexplainable.  This song has a great beat and although is not heavy, leans very heavily on drums and guitar for its flow.

Though If You Ever Come Back is a song with a desparation vibe, it is also very sweet.  The drums lead this sing as he sings about having her back.  Though some bad things happened, he just wants her back as if nothing changed.  Things have not changed for him and all he wants is for her to come back to their love.

Long Gone and Moved On has an upbeat tune driven instrumentally.  The lyrics express the need to learn how to move on; it is not so much desperate as it is that he is trying to figure out how she moved on so quickly.  The positive spin of the music gives the song a slight feeling of hope even though he is still stuck in a sad moment.

The intro to Dead Man Walking sets the tone for the song.  The lines repeat a few times, which is reflected in the song's lyrics as his relationship is deteriorating.  They are going through the motions with no feeling and even though they have not broken it off, he sees that is over.
dead man walking-lost feeling in the relationship,

This=Love is an idea based song; there are so many meanings to love and things that people do for love.  This song, which primarily relies on a great drum beat to pull it through to its choruses, brings to light all of the different types of love and where it is found.  The emphasis is on loves pure meaning and how it drives us to do things, not what love in popular culture has seemed to become.  The instruments pick up as he sings the chorus and really brings the song home.  The rap breakdown adds to the song; it's short and not overpowering, but the message is true.  The song itself reminds me of something that U2 would come out with.

Two versions of the song Walk Away are on the US release of this album.  One, which is already fantastic features just The Script.  A second version, featuring B.O.B.adds to the song and lyrics, driving the meaning even more.  This song is about one partner knowing that he is not right for her and knowing what he does to women, but his girlfriend disregards this.  He knows that her being with him is not a good idea for her and he is trying to figure out why they are still together.  Even though the song puts a negative portrayal on the relationship, in a twisted way, it illustrates the power of love.  The song has a little funk and rhythm to it that really moves the song along and keeps it from being too light or too serious.

The album closes with a sullen song about breaking up.  Exit Wounds expresses just how painful heartbreak can be; especially when the other does not seem at all torn up about it.  He doesn't know how to get over it or how to make himself feel better at all.  This song has a beautiful melody and his voice only adds to the heavy feeling of the song.  It's held by the percussion and the other instruments add to the eery funeral feeling that the song evokes.

What I love about The Script is that each one of their songs has a deeper meaning that can be evoked even more by the music that they use to back up the lyrics.  They do not sing your typical break up or love songs, and the songs are more relatable than most.  Lead singer, Danny's voice is perfectly complimented by the musical stylings of Glen and Mark.  This album is full of human emotion and realistic feelings put to sound and music.  It is a great album and definitely a true view of the talents of the men that make up The Script.
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