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Hayley Holmes Album name: Two Lanes of Freedom
Label: Big Machine
Release Date: February 5, 2013
Rating: -- 4.8 out of 5

Review written by: Hayley Holmes

Tim McGraw is absolutely no stranger to successful country albums. Many of McGraw’s albums and singles have topped the country music charts with sales exceeding 40 million. His most recent album Two Lanes Of Freedom proved to be no different. With heartfelt lyrics and the impeccable Tim McGraw style and everything from honky-tonk songs like “Truck Yeah” to more sentimental ballads like “Friend Of A Friend”, this album definitely does not fall short.

The title track, “Two Lanes of Freedom”, and “One Of Those Nights” have a very similar feel. They’re the kind of songs that you would play in your car when you drive down the road on a summer night. With lyrics that describe a situation with a loved on and melodies that create that sentimental country feel, these two tracks don’t disappoint.

“Friend Of A Friend” and “Nashville Without You” shows the vulnerable side of the veteran country superstar. These two songs especially show that he’s not afraid to say he misses someone. In “Nashville Without You” he sings that his loved one knows that “Nashville wouldn’t be Nashville without you.” In “Friend Of A Friend” he continues to reveal his vulnerability even more by telling a story of how he’s heard a lot of things about an ex, but he is trying to convince himself that he doesn’t spend every night thinking about her. Definitely a very heartfelt track.

It wouldn’t be a country album without talking about trucks and drinking, and “Truck Yeah” and “Mexicoma” fulfill that necessity. With the funny play on words, “Truck Yeah” has had a lot of buzz around it and has already received radio airtime. With classic country rock sounds, this song is sure to make listeners dance. Here it in a country club or blare it your car, either way you’re bound to get up on your feet when this song comes on. “Mexicoma” talks all about drinking and being stuck in a “mexicoma”. This track is another one that’s sure to be a summer hit.

“Southern Girl”and “Book of John” describe country living to a T. “Southern Girl” is definitely another summer track that talks about all the things that make a southern girl and everything that boys love about southern girls. “Book of John” tells a story of a family sitting around a table, eating supper, drinking tea, and reading stories from the book of John. Another track that portrays what country living and values are all about.

Two of the sweetest songs on the album are, “Tinted Windows” and “It’s Your World”. “Tinted Windows” is all about reminiscing on love. With similar ideas to “Watch The Wind Blow By” on McGraw’s Tim McGraw and The Dancehall Doctors album,  the track shows a vulnerable side once again saying, “Tinted windows and I wanna believe somewhere inside you're still in love with me”. This track was definitely my favorite track on the album and definitely one full of love. “It’s Your World” is another sweet song and with the lyrics, “You leave your mark on everything that you touch, you're painting my heart with your calico brush. The air that I breathe, the water I drink, the dirt beneath my feet. no matter how you spin it, it's your world baby, I'm just living in it,” you’re bound to swoon when listening to this song.

“Annie I Owe You a Dance” and “Number 37405” are two of the most sentimental and vulnerable tracks on the album. “Annie I Owe You a Dance” is a sweet song about a man asking for a second chance. The song ends with the lyrics “The forgiveness in your eyes gave me a second chance Annie, thanks for the dance” showing that he finally got his second chance. Sentimental in a different way, “Number 37405” is about a man who gets put in jail for drinking and driving and taking a life. With touching, thought provoking lyrics like “Before he started doing all the hard time that he's doing, he was singing in them honky-tonks and dives. He dreamed of being somebody, now he's number 37405”, this track inflicts a different emotion but strong emotion nonetheless.

“Highway Don’t Care” is the highly talked about duet with Taylor Swift. The song itself is a good track and it has a very classic country vibe. The duet is a smart choice because it was exciting to listeners seeing as Taylor had a song on her very first album entitled “Tim McGraw”. So, to see the two do a duet together was an appealing sight for listeners! Another solid track.

Lastly, is the track “Let Me Love It Out Of You”, and probably my favorite. This song exemplifies so many classic country qualities and the whole feel and lyrics just screams Tim McGraw. It shows signs of his older music, showing that he can make changes but still stick to his roots. My favorite song for sure!

As stated before, Tim McGraw is no stranger to producing great music. After releasing Two Lanes Of Freedom, listeners will agree that Tim McGraw has still got it and will still have it for years to come.  If you want classic country ideals, good ballads, and good jam out songs then you should definitely get Two Lanes Of Freedom and you won’t be disappointed!

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