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Friday, February 22nd
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Young Love
Young Love- Too Young to Fight

Musical tour de force storms in with sparkling debut
Too Young to FightToo Young To Fight It is the debut album from New York City ’s own Young Love. Fronted and created by Dan Keyes, This album is sure to make you dance while at the same time evoking real emotions. With relatable lyrics, although sometimes repetitive, and catchy tunes, each song I sure to be stuck in your head for a long time after you are finished listening to it. From the moment the band popped up on the scene they had been given a lot of recognition and plays. Some of the songs were played in NYC night clubs and “ Find A New Way ” was even the theme song for MTV’s Dance Life. If you still haven’t caught onto what all the hype about Young Love is about, just pick up the copy of the album and from the first beat you hear, you will want to hear more.

“Discotech,” the opening track on Too Young To Fight It, definitely sets the mood for the album. The song is about having a good time and dancing just because you can and that’s exactly what it makes you do. It’s impossible to sit in your seat while the song is on, especially because of the booming bass in the background. Songs like this by Young Love really keep the listener excited and eager for the next track. “ Find A New Way ,” is another up-tempo dance song that Young Love throws into the mix. It is their first single and like “Discotech” it will make you dance, just as the chorus tells you to do. Although it is a great song with a good message, it does have its downfall. It’s so close in tempo and message with “Discotech” it’s easy to confuse the two songs which isn’t something that really can showcase versatility, especially on a debut album.

This album isn’t all about dance tracks, though. There are some surprises and many standout tracks and do show you that Young Love has the potential to become and main stream band and stick around for a long time. The three songs that seem to especially stick out are, “Nameless One,” “Tragedy,” and “Close Your Eyes.” Nameless ones is an epic song, one that starts out slow but as it progresses the lyrics become more prominent and the instruments increase. It’s a love song that will leave you feeling almost free as it tells you to “…leave your fears behind.”  “Tragedy” is an eerie and dark song. It’s surprising because it is so different from the other more poppy songs. It’s the type of track that you’ll either love or hate by the time you finish it, but one thing that is for certain is that it is forgettable. Its huge difference from the other songs makes it sort of blend into the background so almost as soon as its over the next song is already stuck in your mind. “Close Your Eyes” is the ending track on the album. Acoustic guitar starts off the song almost giving the listener a nice relief from all the pop tracks they have just heard. It is very mellow, but keeps you attention with lyrics that leave you in a great mood and invite you to listen to the song over and over again with lyrics like, “I hope I see you around, the way I always do.”
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After listening to Too Young To Fight It you quickly recognize why this band is going to become so huge. The various types of songs, the lyrics, the dance-worthy beats, and Keyes’ vocal range show you the potential this band has. The album is perfect for when you are just trying to unwind and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to live life. If you are looking for something to just enjoy because of the music then Young Love’s Too Young To Fight It should be your first choice!

Name: Too Young to Fight
Label: Island/Universal
Release Date: January 30, 2007
My rating: 4.0 out of 5

Amanda AguedaAmanda Agueda is a staff writer on Musiqtone. You can e-mail her at amandaagueda@musiqtone.com.
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