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Interested in posting an ad on a page for, pushing your CD, label, artist/band or product to hundreds of thousands of users? is the internet's music news & media outlet! reaches to the lucrative and key age 13 to 34 segment, one of the most free-spending age segments in the world. We want you to get access to this profitable segment by forwarding your message, your brand, your product straight to this age segment!

Let's start up a great partnership that brings forward a 2-way partnership of profit for all parties involved! Give us your ad proposal package and we will work with you in crafting the package that is right for you! Unlike other outlets that have set rates, we are mostly leaving the pricing of your package and terms up to you!

If your ad budget is over $1,000, please contact us immediately at! Traffic Stats (2011): Click here for a more detailed sheet

Hits/Month: 7,452,781
Unique Page Views/Month: 817,224
Unique Visitors/Month: 159,124 Demographics (please note date on the widgets): By Quantcast

We cater to a mainly Caucasian audience with Hispanics trailing in second (66%-21%). Our top 5 US Markets are: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. Our top World markets include: Seoul, Moscow and Vancouver.
Why you should advertise on

1. We cater to a key population segment: Females between the ages of 13 and 34.

2. Our indie coverage has raised the profiles of artists/bands in the past like: Honor Society, All Time Low, The Academy Is, Ryan Star, Nathan Morris, Curtis Peoples, Britney Christian and Sarah VonderHaar.

3. Major label coverage includes artists and bands across the Big Four major label groups in the United States.

4. as indicated in the traffic stats attracts over 175,000+ unique visitors per month.

Current advertisers on
1. AOL Pubaccess Network
Terms: The ad proposal term minimum is 15 days and up to 180 days. Any campaign 181 days or more must make a formal inquiry for negotiations to our chief publisher at

Musiqtone requires that payouts be paid in full upon mutual agreement of advertising campaign and sending of the banner/text ad preferably with 24-48 hours unless noted and discussed via NEGOTIATION. For payouts via PayPal (our preferred method of payment, invoice handling), the banner/text ad will be placed as stated in proposal within 24 hours of receiving payout AND the banner/text ad. Advertiser will automatically receive a full invoice for the services rendered.

For payouts executed via check, check is to be disbursed and delivered via overnight or 2-day mail service and an invoice will be sent to the advertiser's chosen e-mail address.

Note on revolving campaigns: Payouts based on negotiated or suggested market rate must paid in full on due date. There will be a grace period of 7 days before account goes into overdue status. If another 7 days have passed without payment of monthly rate, the service will be terminated and the banner/text ad will be purged from the server.

The advertiser must also declare in their proposal if they choose to ask us to place an "------advertisement-----" tag or not above or below the banner ad. Text links will have no such tag above or below, reserves the right to reject any formal advertising proposal for any reason including:

1. The advertiser is pornographic in nature
2. Does not have valid contact information
3. Does not fit the demographic and age segments
4. Too many similar proposals
5. Advertiser is linked and/or advocating illegal activity
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PayPal--recommended for smaller labels, indie acts, DIY(invoice will be sent via our PayPal acct (
Check--recommended for major labels, major PR firms (if the campaign duration is 30-45 days, please refer to terms above the form; invoice will be sent)

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Text links?: Such links will be very limited, so if you propose a text link campaign, please e-mail with your terms. payout and the text itself to be used along with the page you want the text link to be placed in.

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