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5039 Chambers Dr
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60010-5650
Phone: 312-646-0349
Alan Ho (CEO/Co-founder, Chief Publisher/Webmaster)
Erica Devaney (Chief Editor)
Hayley Holmes (Senior Staff Writer)
Ryan Ho (Director of Scouting)
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Got news for us to report on?  Tip us off at
Got a general inquiry? Inquire at
Need to complain? Vent at
Put us on your e-mail list?  Look at the management area for contact info.

If you e-mail someone who is no longer with us, it will go to our catch-all account ( Any e-mails that come from record labels that get caught by the catch-all will forward to management and the original sender within 3 to 5 business days.
I am an emerging and/or new major label artist or band (or label rep/publicist representing) and we would love to be on The Spotlight! How would we go about it?
Awesome! The Spotlight has always been an 80/20 thing. 80 percent of what we spotlight are the indie and the unsigned. The other 20 percent comes from acts/bands like yourselves! Have your label e-mail our management, which is at the top of this page under the "Contact Us" section. Bear in mind, only 20 percent of The Spotlight will come from major label acts, so we only respond to those under consideration!

I'm an indie/unsigned artist or band and would like you guys to check us out...
Awesome! The Spotlight has always been an 80/20 thing. 80 percent of what we spotlight are the indie and the unsigned.  We got a special submission form (coming soon!)for you to fill out!  Please keep in mind, we cannot respond to every inquiry and will contact those we are seriously considering for The Spotlight!  If you prefer e-mail, you can e-mail our Director of Scouting at!

I want to join Musiqtone and write for you!  How do I do that???
We are always looking for writers from coast to coast, especially in the Los Angeles, Chicago and New York areas!  If you think you got what it takes to cover the hottest names, the names that are emerging and the ones your friends haven't heard of yet but will soon, then click here.  If you're convinced you got the right stuff, then apply and send in your writing samples!

You guys interview a lot of artists and bands, can you hook us up with them? Could you get us free stuff?
We sure do!  But unfortunately, we cannot do either of those.  Sorry.

How often does Musiqtone update?
We try to update as much as we can with new album reviews, interviews, music videos and other content.  Sometimes it's several times in a day...or nothing at all.  It depends on how busy the cycle is.  We do make rare updates on Saturdays and Sundays, but for the most part, it is a Monday to Friday cycle.  But generally speaking, you can count on something new once a day.
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