Thursday, December 5th
About Musiqtone.com
Welcome to the Musiqtone.com Donors Wall! Here we post up the generous donors and financial supporters of Musiqtone.com! Through their generous support combined with ad revenues, we are able to pay down site expenses and invest in new technologies to better deliver the music content you deserve to see and hear about and aid in the future expansion of Musiqtone.com and the Second City Media family! Most of all your donation ensures partially that we are able to continue to bring in new content and to continue to have features like The Countdown and You Gotta Know!

Individuals will be listed. Sites and companies and people involved with companies will not only be listed but there will be a link to said site and/or company. This wall is not updated in real-time as donations come through, it will be updated in a timely fashion though. If you choose to stay anonymous, please let us know at musiqtone@musiqtone.com before or after posting your donation!

How to make a donation:

-We take international donors. Please keep in mind all foreign currencies will be converted into US dollars and the amount will be indicated by PayPal before you post.

-It is a very simple, straightforward process. The "Make a Donation" button is present throughout the site; click on it and you will be taken to a page served to us by our processor PayPal.

- From there you put in the amount and click "Update Totals". We ask that you put in a minimum of $5 and no more than $300 (anything over may get flagged by PayPal and our account frozen) per donation. After that, you can choose to post it via your own PayPal account (preferred) or pay using your credit or debit card. None of your information with this method will be seen by us and will not be stored from us. Using this option is a one-way transaction, so if you choose to use this method multiple times, you will have to put it in every time you donate to our operating fund! Once you are done with either method, the donation will post!

We also ask that you leave a valid e-mail address and name so we can personalize a thank you e-mail to you shortly after you post a donation.
Donors: Less than $50
Super-Donors: $50 or more
Jill Dickson- $25
Marcia Herzog- $100 (5 times)
Anne Hunt- $10  
Curtis Peoples- $7
Kathleen Condon- $5