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Welcome to the FAQ section of Musiqtone.com. The most common questions are gonna be answered here but if you have any other questions, dont hesitate to contact us!

Q:. What's the story behind Musiqtone.com?
A: You can read the full story over at http://musiqtone.com/aboutus! Long story short, Musiqtone.com was founded by two guys who were students at Indiana's Purdue University and after 8 years of existence, the last 5 as Musiqtone.com and the first 3 as MusicMania, we have grown into a rising online music news & media outlet, interviewing artists and bands from the major label world and the indie music world, reviewing the occasional concert, reviewing a lot of albums and spotlighting the best indie talent that part of the music world has to offer!

Q: What makes Musiqtone.com unique from the other outlets out there?
A: Good question, honestly we really don't know but we guess what separates us from the rest of the pack is the FASHION in which we write about artists and bands and artists, the way we REVIEW albums and the WAY we interview artists and bands. We do our damndest into not sugarcoating and telling it like how we perceive it, how we view it...however, we know the lines that are drawn to that so we preach constructive criticisms and our writers learn the art of criticism and the art of backing up that criticism. When it comes to interviewing, sure we ask the same topical questions, but we believe that the core of every interview should and is about their music, about their tour life and sticking the non music topical questions to the end of the interview.

Q: How do you people stay connected?
A: The wonderful power of the internet. AIM and e-mail are the two primary forms of communication but with the recent completion of the power base of the Midwest region, that region has seen plenty of face to face contact, culminating with the meeting of the minds at Warped Tour '09.

Q: How often do you guys update?
A: We put up new material as often as we can, it depends on the how many press projects are taken at any given time and when the projects enter the pre-publishing phase. The music part of our outlet could theoretically update every single day, several times a day if warranted. The least updated part of the site is the Musiqtone Blog, but we'd love to remedy that as soon as humanly possible.

Q: You guys interview a lot of artists and bands, can you hook us up with them? Could you get us free stuff?
A: Absolutely not. Stand in line like every other fan for a meet & greet or at the merch table.

Q: Where else can we find Musiqtone.com?
A: You can find us obviously here (um duh?). We have an official twitter feed, our official Myspace and a Facebook page. If you're fortunate to bump into any of us in person, make sure to say hi! Especially if you live in the Chicago area. We may not have a true physical location, but you can say we are based out of the Chicago area!

Q: We are a band/I am an artist, I wanna get on Musiqtone.com! How do I/we do that?
A: You can e-mail us at musiqtone@musiqtone.com or you can patch directly to our Director of Scouting, Ryan Ho at ryanho@musiqtone.com. Ryan gets a lot of emails so if he doesn't get to you immediately, be patient!

Q: Can we ask more questions?
A: Sure! Ask away in the form below!
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Interested in joining the Musiqtone.com team? Think you can interview music acts, both big & small, show off your critiquing skills and be a big influence on music fans looking to buy the next great album or just download a few or attend a concert/tour? ENJOY music????!

Then Musiqtone.com is THE place to do it all. Unlike most internships in the industry that turn you into a coffee-filling, pen pushing, mail handling intern who might see the light of day maybe once or twice, Musiqtone.com is a media outlet that will give you REAL experience in covering the industry.

So why not apply and see if you have what it takes to make it? Go to the newly created Jobs area and apply in your pertinent region if there are openings and maybe just maybe you can see if you got what it takes to work for a music news & media outlet!
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