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About Musiqtone
Welcome to!  We are an online music news & media outlet that covers a wide spectrum into all things music!  From covering the biggest names in music today to the ones that will be tomorrow, to the power names in indie music today and tomorrow and everything in between, Musiqtone brings forward coverage to the modern music fan and their wide range of genres and tastes. Our flagship features are:

1. The Countdown | A video countdown like no other. One that is controlled by YOU, the music fan. Available on desktop web, mobile web and now social media!

2. The Hot Seat | This is where we get you closer than ever to the biggest names in music, learn about the names in music you haven't heard of...yet and anyone else in between! Unlike other outlets, we interview acts about the music...and nothing but the music!

3. The Critics Corner | The name explains itself! This is where we review and pass informed opinions on albums, singles, EPs and concerts. The Critics Corner prides itself on being a constructive arena for criticism, praise and discussion between ourselves and you, the music fan. 

4. The Spotlight | This is the successor to You Gotta Know and what drives The Musiqtone Blog to what it is now. Mostly indie and underground acts, we unearth the best and brightest the indie and the underground has to offer and we give you a reason why you should check them out, discover them and pass it on to anyone you know! After all, today's biggest acts had to start somewhere!!!
The History of Musiqtone
Here's a history of Musiqtone....makes for good reading!

Musiqtone began life as an unintended English class project called MusicMania between two freshmen classmates at Indiana's Purdue University in 2002.  The class project (which happened after the class's TA forgot his lesson planner and his coffee one morning and had nothing better to do for the next 52 minutes) was learning how to build and publish a website on the university's servers, which allowed each student network space to store and publish what they pleased, within the storage limit (at the time, 512 megabytes).  The class project became a full-fledged, one page website a week later at its official launch of MusicMania on September 22, 2002 from a computer at the school's Liberal Arts building.

MusicMania at its launch was an aggregator of music news sources, primarily from MTV Music News and music videos with AOL Music, of which it quickly became an official affiliate for. But a year later, the site began to plant the seeds of what would be the eventual basis of Musiqtone 3 years later by employing new writers, a fresh focus and the launch of what would become The Critics Corner and began to report original content by covering the college's music scene and checking out the scene from afar into nearby Indianapolis. In 2004, a partnership with the now-defunct digital entertainment provider CDigix exposed the small-time college-based site briefly into the world of the major labels and the large-scale indie labels, thus changing forever the trajectory and course of MusicMania. The following year, buoyed by the new exposure and the need to expand, MusicMania became Musiqtone on February 8. 2005 with the purchase of the domain name and taking the new Musiqtone into its own web server.

Musiqtone quickly expanded, launching the Music Lounge, renaming the Reviews section as The Critics Corner and launching The Hot Seat as the site began to tap into the resources of Myspace, unearthing acts like Curtis Peoples, Lydia Gray, Britney Christian, Tyler Hilton, Pete Schmidt, Michael Celedon and Justine Blazer.  This helped put Musiqtone on the map as a go-to source for original content for indie music while maintaining its status as an aggregator for the mainstream as the site still had yet to make inroads into original content there beyond the occasional album review well after the album's launch.

By 2006, the site had finally expanded beyond its borders in West Lafayette and Chicago, tabbing new staff writers in the East Coast in Allentown, Boston, New York and Upstate New York. This opened the door for a brief cup of coffee with the major labels with extensive coverage into Tyler Hilton's rise to stardom and the rise of a young singer-songwriter named Teddy Geiger. This eventually caught the eye of a freelance music writer in 2007, who decided to briefly join the Musiqtone ranks and while she contributed a few articles, it was her parting gift upon leaving that permanently left a mark on the then-fledging site.

The freelancer left the contact information of Musiqtone in the hands of a high-level publicist with Universal Motown/Universal Republic (now Republic Records). The subsequent contact between the publicist and the site's co-founder and CEO began to attract the attention of the label's servicing lists with various PR firms, publicists and managers. Within 2 years, Musiqtone now had contacts with at least one label connected to the Big Four (now Big Three) and aided in rapid expansion of the site's operations, which went national.

The rest is history, as the saying goes.
Site Vitals and Fun Facts
Average no. of hits per month (for 2013):
Average no. of unique visitors per mo. (for 2013): 111,134
Average no. of unique page views per mo. (for 2013): 506,341

Demographics (as of FEBRUARY 28, 2014-US ONLY--NEXT UPDATE MAY 1, 2014):

Male:  28%
Female: 72%

Top Age Groups:

1. Females under 18
2. Females 25-34
3. Females 45-54
3. Males 35-54

Top 5 USA DMA exposures:
1.  Chicago/Metro
2.  Los Angeles/Metro
3.  Denver/Metro
4.  New York/New Jersey/Metro
5.  Philadelphia/Metro

Top 5 Countries:
1. The United States of America
2. Phillippines
3. Canada
4. Brazil
5. United Kingdom
Fun facts:

--The whole story has a deep Chicago suburban connection.  Both co-founders are from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, one from Hoffman Estates, the other from Glenview.  The co-founders met in an English 101 class; the class was taught by a graduate student TA who grew up in Arlington Heights and is an alumnus of Hersey High School.

--Musiqtone was a name thought up by one of its co-founders. In his sleep. One night.

--A name change had to happen because in the course of trying to secure the MusicMania domain, it was found to have already been bought and was at the time an extremely shady site filled with malware and spyware.

--The Musiqtone logo was created in just 11 minutes on the first try. We still use it.  Created using Photoshop and fleshed out using Fireworks.

--There's at least 11 different versions of the homepage you might find on the internet somewhere.  Not including the last three iterations and its current one.

--We have no technical physical location. Unless you count our primary web server sitting in some high-rise in Downtown Los Angeles or the backup one sitting in some random building in Irvine, CA.

Interested in gaining valuable experience in covering the biggest and baddest names in music today alongside with unearthing the potential next great band or solo act?

Or perhaps you have an unsatiable need to promote and commiserate on social media?

Or better yet, you'd like to do all that potentially PLUS the power to show you can lead and become a future leader?

Then apply to join the Musiqtone team! We have staff writer positions open alongside openings on the Musiqtone Leadership team!
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