Do you love music (duh.)?  Ever wanted a taste of the inside life of a music journalist?  Want a shot at being a trendsetter, be on the forefront for the next big thing in music?  Want the kind of access that fans can only dream about at a meet & greet?  Want to create the kind of professional network that can set you for life...or even change it forever?

We hope you can tick all those boxes, because then we got it right here at Musiqtone! Staff writers are the heart and soul of what makes this place tick. We have covered some of the biggest names in music, the biggest albums, showcased the biggest videos. We have also covered some of the best and brightest in indie music and most importantly unearthed the gems we think everyone should check out!

And we want YOU to be a part of that. think you got what it takes?  Or want a taste of our side of the music industry?  Then apply and see if you make the cut and become a part of something bigger!
1.  Applicants must fill out all fields, unless indicated.  Applicants must be from the United States; we will consider opening to international applicants in the forseeable future.

2. We are looking for serious applicants. If your purpose (which will be meted out during the screening process) for applying is to see if you can get close and personal with your favorite bands or acts, you will be summarily rejected during the process. Also, is pretty much a volunteer news and media outlet and has been since its inception in 2002, so we do cycle writers every now and then! We pay in valuable experience, learning, cultivating your technique and even more importantly, help you create and cultivate your contacts and network within the music industry!

3. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age (must turn 16 before September 30, 2020).

4. Applicants who are accepted into the pre-screening portion will be asked to submit two writing samples. One sample will be an album review of any album of their choosing, 600-1,200 words. The second sample will be a feature article on a new act or opinion piece on music, also 600-1,200 words. Both samples should include a headline and/or byline tag.

Samples will be emailed to

5. All new staff writers will be expected to take and/or be offered press ops of a minor league nature (indie, emerging, new acts pitched by the major labels) out of the gate. This is to aid in creating a reputation to bring forward to major labels and their heavy hitters on the roster for you. Consistent content creation is key.
The Vitals:
First Name:

Last Name:


Phone Number (mobile preferred for phone interviews)

Education Level:

City (to help determine region and market to tailor press ops):

State (if college student, please indicate primary state of residence):
Facebook (not required, but preferred):
Twitter Handle/URL (not required, but preferred):
Illinois state law prohibits employers and organizations from requiring applicants to divulge social media information and also from using programs and other means to access social media accounts of employees and organization members.  However, does encourage potential staff writers to share and/or create their Twitter handle as Twitter is a major component in cross-promotion of content created by staff writers to push visibility.
The Screening:
Tell us about yourself!

Tell us why you want to join the team?

What are your favorite genres of music and would you be willing to step out of your comfort zone?

What are your future plans?

Optional: Submit resume if you like:

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