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You Gotta Know
Honor Society
The Wall
What happens when you combine the arena sound and lyrical sense of Pearl Jam, the fiery guitar playing from icons like Prince, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimi Hendrix, the current pop sense of the Backstreet Boys and then mix in a dash of New York urban, and finally put in Justin Timberlake to front it all?

Well, we can say that the voice you hear on songs like 'Heartache In The Suburbs' is NOT Justin Timberlake, but it is the voice of lead vocal and guitarmeister Michael Bruno.

This up and coming indie band from the suburbs of New York City aims to change the pop music landscape despite the fact that major and indie labels have pretty much ignored this talented quartet, whose fanbase exploded with the introduction of drummer Alex Noyes, the former drummer for hot teen power pop brotherly trio Jonas Brothers.

As said before, labels are missing out on this still-unsigned band from New York state and again, we'll tell you so the second they do.

This is why Honor Society is our You Gotta Know for the month of February.

-Written by Alan Ho
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Honor Society
Honor Society
Honor Society
Est. 2004
New York

While most bands shy away from their suburban roots, HONOR SOCIETY embraces them. “Growing up in the suburbs outside New York City was the catalyst for our sound,” says lead vocalist and guitarist Michael Bruno. “The suburbs are where we got exposed to everything from Pearl Jam to Jay-Z.”

Started in early 2004, high school buddies Bruno and Jason Rosen (piano, synths, harmony vocals) were determined to form a group that made credible pop music with a sound unique from the New York indie-rock scene at the time. That group soon included Andrew Schmidt (bass and harmony vocals) and former Jonas Brothers’ drummer Alexander Noyes.

Urban beats combined with rock guitar, pop melodies and cinematic lyrics have fans captivated both in recordings and their live show. Think Prince fronting Fall Out Boy. In fact, lead singer Bruno’s soulful vocals and blazing guitar work are often compared to the purple one.

In 2005, HONOR SOCIETY released its ‘Greenlight EP’ and capped off the year opening for major headliner at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. Their live show has been known to impress audiences of all ages and backgrounds with fans crediting the band’s catchy songs and musicianship. Not to mention their collegiate image reflected in their style and merchandise.

Spending most of 2007 writing new material, HONOR SOCIETY honed an even more dynamic live show with two weekly residencies, one in New York City and one in Nyack, NY. These shows along with an intense street team and fan base has helped them reach more than 6,000 friends on and 100,000 plays.

As reported recently on, a prominent music news & media website, “we don’t see why none of the major labels have taken a look at this pop/rock quartet, but make no mistake, once they do get signed, don’t forget we told you why you should get to know them before they get their deserved big break” There’s no debate, HONOR SOCIETY is in a club all its own.

-Official bio
Heartache In The Suburbs
No Win Situation
Unpredictable (download)
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