Brandon & Leah
Brandon & Leah | By Winfield Dean
I had a chance to talk with southern California’s Brandon & Leah over the phone on March 8th. Brandon & Leah released their first EP, Life Happens earlier this year and have quite a few plans for the rest of 2012.

Winfield: For those who don’t know can you introduce yourselves and describe your music style?
Brandon: We’re Brandon Jenner and Leah Felder. We go by Brandon & Leah. We both grew up in Southern California. We’ve always been in love with the kind of slow moving like reggae style kind of beachy music and that’s kind of the niche that we’ve carved out for ourselves. Just staying true to where we grew up and everything. It kind of has a “vacationy” feel and hopefully we’ve achieved that.

Winfield: Where does the inspiration for your lyrics come from?
Leah: Well, I read somewhere that music is what emotions sound like. I read that and I completely agree. A lot of our lyrics are inspired by the way we feel. You know, just daily life and the things that are going on in my life.

Winfield: What musicians would you want to work with, in the studio or on tour, in the future?
Leah: I really like Anon. I think Anon’s great. It would be awesome if we could collaborate with him one day, he’s awesome.

Winfield: Who are your top 3 favorite artists right now?
Brandon: Jack Johnson is one of my favorites. Jason Mraz is great and we recently discovered Selah Sue.
Leah: We recently discovered this girl. Her name is Selah Sue and her voice is so incredible. I love her.

Winfield: When you’re not in the studio or performing on stage, what do you like to do?
Brandon: Lots of beach activities. We like being outside and stuff. We like to paddle board a lot. We have a dog who we spend a lot of time with. Sometimes he can be running around a lot when we’re working really hard in the studio. So any chance we get we like to throw the ball for him and take him out to the park.

Winfield: If you weren’t musicians what would your dream careers be?
Brandon: Umm, well maybe I’d like surfing, I think that would be pretty awesome. I think it’d be pretty cool to travel around the world and surf waves. And maybe a pilot too. I do fly. I’ve been flying for a long time, since I was young, so that would be a pretty cool job as well.
Leah: My dream job, this might sound weird, but I would want to be a pre-school teacher! I love kids and I think it would be so much fun.

Winfield: Was music always your calling and how supportive are both of your families in your music careers?

Leah: Music has always been my calling, from the beginning, since the day I can remember. And my dad is a musician, so there has always been a lot of music in my house. So my family has been incredibly supportive since I can remember.
Brandon: Yeah kind of a similar story for me too. I grew up around music and it took me a while, into my later teens, when I realized what an awesome thing music was and just seeing how it had really molded my life. You know, the artists that I really valued molded my life and got me through a lot of things at the time. So it just kind of hit me all at once where it was what I wanted to do, I wanted to play music. I started playing guitar that day and never looked back. It’s been an amazing journey.

Winfield: How did you two decide to pursue music together?

Leah: Well summer days can get pretty hot and his mom had a slushie machine at his house, so I would really just use him for the slushies, hahah, but then we just started playing music together!

Winfield: What can fans expect from the two of you this year?
Brandon: Well this year is a really big year for us. We are really doing everything we can to get our music heard by as many people as we can and we’re planning a tour later in the year, later this summer. We’ve just released our first single, we have a few more singles lined up and ready to go and we’ve got an album. We’ve completed our album and we’re just kind of waiting for the right time to release that as well. So this is a big year for us, hopefully going to have a lot of things happen and hopefully is well received as everything has been so far. It’s been great, everyone’s really enjoyed it.

Thanks Brandon & Leah! :)
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