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The Nectars

March 21, 2018
By Ryan Zakin & Jeremy Gruen
Last week, Musiqtone writers Jeremy Gruen and Ryan Zakin sat down with Jess and Barron from the Nectars in a small, smokey barroom in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Fresh-faced and ready for a full day of press, they had a lot to talk about. All of it was positive, uplifting and intriguing. Below are some of the questions asked in the interview, along with their responses. For more of the questions asked by Jeremy and Ryan, check out the full audio below to the article.

How did you guys find each other?

Barron: So I met Shawn in the Mike auditioning for another band. We had a bunch of mutual friends. That's how we met each other, and John and Mikey were in bands previously for like a while, they were together for a while. We met each other and then sometimes went by when they were doing another thing with some other band, they came back to Jersey and were looking to start a new thing. They had the idea of forming a female fronted band, so they hit me up to play guitar.
Jess: Yeah we've (Jess and Mikey) known each other since we were young. We went to music school together, we’ve always been playing rock music, and a few years went by where we actually didn’t speak! Then randomly I get a text from him asking, “Are you interested in being in a band?” And I was like “Hell yeah” at the time.There was like a small gap where I wasn't doing anything, and I was looking for something to do. So, the universe kind of aligned!

What do you guys prefer: Stage or studio?

Jess: I mean, they’re both two very different experiences, but we love playing live. We loveeeee playing live.
Barron: Yeah I think as musicians we’re naturally geared to just doing it live, but even for recordings we try to do it live. At the very least, me, Mikey, and JP will all record everything in the same room together.

John writes most of your songs? Or do you guys collab on them?

Jess: It’s definitely a split between all of us. He’s even amazing writer, so he’s always got something new, there’s never a time where he doesn't have something he’s working on. It’s very equal though, I think.

What’s the biggest change you guys have seen in each other, both in your personalities and your music?

Jess: I think we're changing and growing and. It’s cool to see in the beginning for me I wasn't sure what to expect like coming into a punk band.  I think we now know our place over the past few years, and we just really feel that we are comfortable with our identities individually and together.

Do you think that being from New Jersey had an influence on the songwriting process?

Jess: I never thought of that, ‘cause I’ve always just kind of existed there!
Barron: I mean it's undoubtedly New Jersey, and living in New Jersey has influenced our sound. For a long time there has been a great New Jersey scene. I mean, Debbie Harry grew up in the same town as me, there’s a bunch of different bands that are all from the same area.

Where do you see yourselves in the next month?

Barron: Yeah, I mean we’re playing a show tonight in Jersey at a place called Boom Tunes, and the video for “I Want It” on Alternative Press is coming out in a half-hour.

How would you describe yourself in three words as a group?

Jess and Barron:
Sticky (laughs)
Barron: Sweaty, and Loud
Jess: Yes, definitely loud.

Jess, what would you tell a future fan that will look up to you for advice on making it in music?

Jess: You just have to do it, and you have to do it 110%. Cuz it’s not gonna work if you do it halfway, or make it a hobby. So you stay confident, believe in yourself, and do what you gotta do to make it happen.

Where do you guys see yourself in a year from now?

Jess: We want to be playing a lot of festivals, hopefully soon. Our dream festival would be Bonnaroo. That place is like my home, and that would be sick!
Barron: I hope to tour as much as possible. We’re planning to play some festivals in the UK this May.

Any last things you’d like to say?

Jess: Stay sticky, be weird.
Barron: And be on the lookout for new music!

Audio V-Seater: The Nectars

Ryan Zakin is a writer, musician, and songwriter from New York City. He has been with Musiqtone since early 2018, covering a variety of interviews, reviews, and concerts in the blossoming New York rock scene.
Jeremy is a concert and live music enthusiast. In addition to writing for musiqtone, he works in Digital Marketing at Atlantic Records. Catch Jeremy at your local music venue scoping out the most innovative and unknown artists!
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