Il Volo
Il Volo
Il Volo, the trio of Piero Barone (18), Ignazio Boschetto (16), and Gianluca Ginoble (16), has already captured Italy's attention with their rendition of "O Sole Mio". They have been compared to the likes of Andrea Bocelli, but will seemingly appear to a younger dynamic. For the past year they have been preparing to bring their talents to America and this plan is now in full force. With performances everywhere from pre-Grammy parties to American Idol, they are the ones to watch. Recently, I got the chance to talk to them and learn more about this talented trio.

Alex B.  How did you get your start as a trio?
ALL: We took part separetly in an Italian TV talent show, then at the forth episode the director of the show decided to put the three of us together and the first song we sang was O SOLE MIO.
AB: What was the inspiration behind using the name "Il Volo"?
ALL: IL VOLO in Italian means "the flight": we choose this name because Music makes us fly.
AB: Who are your musical influences?
GIANLUCA:  Bocelli and Michael Buble.
IGNAZIO: I love music which to me, means that I listen to every kind of music!
PIERO: Elvis, Pavarotti and my Grandpa who has always been my mentor

AB: What has been your best experience in your career, so far?
GIANLUCA: Our American Idol performance was an amazing experience.
PIERO: My best experience so far is meeting Ignazio and Gianluca.
IGNAZIO: my best experience so far is sharing my passion with Piero and Gianluca who are day after day becoming my brothers.

AB:  If you could work with any artist, who would it be?
ALL: We'd love to duet with Celine Dion, because we admire her and we think that our voices together can be a great combination.
AB: Do you prefer working with classical music or more pop stylings?
ALL: Our music is operatic pop which is in the middle between classical music and pop, this is the kind of music we can sing with our range of voices, and is the kind of music that highlights the qualities of our voices. And also we think that the news is that this kind of music is being sung by three teens.

AB: What is your favorite song to perform?

AB: It seems you've been performing all over the U.S. since you arrived. What has been your favorite place to perform?
ALL: Our experience at American Idol was unforgettable!
AB: Where do you hope to see yourselves in ten years?
ALL: We hope to sing always together.
AB: People always talk about the 'American Dream'. Are there any dreams you hope to fulfill while you're here?
IGNAZIO: Besides trying to bring our music to the American families, my dream is to pilot a plane, possibly a Boeing 737-800. I used to practice with an air simulator.
PIERO: another passion of mine are sport cars, for now I just like repairing old cars with my uncle.
GIANLUCA: doing what we are doing right now, being a singer- that is a dream!

AB: What has been your biggest challenge as a trio?
IGNAZIO: my biggest challenge has been trying to learn English....
GIANLUCA: to me our biggest challenge is trying to let people understand that our music is not opera but operatic pop
PIERO: my biggest challenge is to work to have our music touch the hearts of everybody!

AB: What can your fans expect to see from you guys throughout the rest of 2011?
ALL: we are travelling for the rest of 2011 both to promote our record and we are very excited because we will touring US, Canada and Europe, our first tour!!!!

For more information, you catch out their official website, Facebook and/or Twitter! Also you can vote for the "O Sole Mio" video on The Countdown and Countdown Mobile!
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