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Casey James
Natalia Kills recently came out with her new music video for ‘Free’ and it’s been a hit all over the nation. And we have an exclusive interview with Natalia Kills about the single.

Jackie: Natalia Keery-Fisher is your real name, where did the stage name Kills come in to play?
Natalia: Actually my real name is Natalia Cappuccini... my mother's name is Fisher. Kills describes me... not in manner of 'murder' but more so in the way you'd describe someone who gives 100% of their passion to something they love as "killing it." I'm quite passionate.

Jackie: Growing up was music always your passion? If not what were you wanting to do when you were older?
Natalia: I wanted to live a creative life in all areas...

Jackie: Who is your number 1 inspiration? The one person who pushed you no matter what to get to where you are?
Natalia: My Grandma. She is the perfect woman!

Jackie: What are some of your favorite parts about being a well known artist?
Natalia: It’s nice to know I'm not the only psycho out there and that other people can relate to my songs, opinions and life experiences...

Jackie: If you could mention one well known artist that you've met so far in your career that made a huge impact on your career, who would it be and what did they say/do to make an impact in your career?
Natalia: Will.i.am. He signed me... he took a big chance and gave me this huge opportunity so I'm very grateful for that! Thanks Will! :-)

Jackie: I was reading past interviews that you've done about your song Free. You had mentioned Free was one of the songs that you had written while you were still a waitress. And selling your stuff on eBay just to be able to pay rent. How did you come about writing Free?
Natalia: Yes, I wrote that song when I was broke ... but I was still happy. I had almost nothing, but I honestly felt fabulous and I wanted everyone to know that style is not dictated by how much money you have or where you shop. We should be free from our possessions and not let material things own us or affect our happiness.

Jackie: Since you first wrote Free, did you go back to the song at all to re-write anything? If so can you share any of the changes you may have made to the lyrics?
Natalia: No I haven't even re-vocalled it, even though I think I sing much better now! But that was the honesty of the song and I didn't want to over do something so true and in the moment. Since then Will features on the song, which is great as it brightens it up even more...

Jackie: What was the inspiration behind the music video for Free?
Natalia: I wanted it to be like a Vogue photo shoot... on acid.

Jackie: How do you pump yourself up before a concert?
Natalia: I do my make up and put my stockings on. I have an all girl live show so it’s nice to be in the dressing room with all the lovely perfumes and leather boots...

Jackie: Any pre-show rituals?
Natalia: Other than reapplying my lipstick 1000 times I have to keep the rest a secret...

Jackie: Have you had any crazy fan interactions? If so what happened?
Natalia: If they're not crazy then they're not really fans.

Jackie: Do you keep any gifts fans give you?
Natalia: I keep everything. Unless its food, then after a while it's got to go!

Jackie: Where are you hoping to go with your music?
Natalia: Music isn't a road, there is no final destination... it’s a lifestyle

Jackie: Last question, Since I live in Ottawa, Canada, I’m wondering if there’s any chance you’re coming here anytime soon? I would love to see you in concert and I know you have a lot of fans out here!
Natalia: I'm sure I'll be coming to Canada again soon but more like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal or Quebec... I hope you could make it to one of those cities!
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