The Spotlight


By Alan Ho

Who: Blondfire
Where:  Los Angeles
For fans of: Karmin, Owl City, Foster The People

Brazilian-American siblings Erica and Bruce Driscoll, otherwise known as LA electronic pop/rock duo Blondfire could be the next dynamic duo to hit the music charts and into the hearts of pop music fans before 2012 comes to close.  The brother and sister duo have been around at it since they were kids, perfecting their airy and bouncy take on electronic pop/rock.  The group has now culminated their cult-like following with their first major label deal, inking with Warner Bros. Records and are currently hard at work in the studio for their major label debut, due out early next year. 

Right now, you can catch the dynamic sibling duo’s music playing on commercials, Sirius Alt-Nation and several radio stations west of the Mississippi like the legendary KROQ and 98.7’s "Locals Only" shows.  They also completed recently a residency stint at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles.

Video:  Where The Kids Are

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