The Critics Corner: Singles Edition

hayley_80 By Hayley Holmes

Lifehouse, One Republic, Cassie, and Carly Rae Jepsen all recently released singles.  While they are all very different artists, listeners will find that there is something for everyone. I got to review each of their singles and show you just what that “something for everyone” is.


51d5L7cNBfL._SL500_AA280_ Lifehouse ft. Natasha Bedingfield | Between The Raindrops (Geffen)

Mark my words, “Between The Raindrops” by Lifehouse Ft. Natasha Bedingfield is going to be a hit. This song paints a picture of a rainstorm and a couple walking hand in hand through it. It lets listeners not only imagine this literal rainstorm but a metaphorical one where the rainstorm in the song symbolizes a hard time between a couple but as the song explains “I’ll walk between the raindrops with you.” Natasha Bedingfield’s voice was the perfect touch to this song as well. It paints an even clearer picture of a couple singing about their loyalty to one another. This song is definitely one that I will be listening to A LOT. We haven’t heard much from Lifehouse recently, and this was definitely a tremendous step in the right direction for this band.
— 4.7/5

f34f842c72664b23b0ccfc490179ef49 OneRepublic | Feel Again (Interscope)

Next, “Feel Again” by One Republic is another one that listeners will thoroughly enjoy.  This song has the typical One Republic sound that is so popular with the upbeat tempo and use of the upbeat drum riffs that give the effect of an audience clapping along. This is one of those songs that I envision being played on a road trip, driving into a sunset with all the windows rolled down.  Yes, it’s one of THOSE songs and we love it! Once again, this song is definitely one I will continue listening to for a long time!
— 4.3/5

9d077d7d060e451c881d7f8871a64c5f Cassie ft. Young Jeezy | Balcony (Bad Boy/Interscope)

“Balcony” by Cassie Ft. Young Jeezy is probably my least favorite of these four. With the hip hop craze continuing to grow, hip hop artists definitely have weight on their shoulders when it comes to releasing new singles. This one just sort of fell flat. It gave an attempt to give the Drake kind of vibe but just did not quite live up.  It’s a very relaxing song that totally captures that element, but other than that it just doesn’t do much.
— 2.1/5

d3d28e506cef45f99d7d091d8a45b759 Carly Rae Jepsen | This Kiss (Interscope/Schoolboy/604)

Lastly, the new single from Carly Rae Jepsen “This Kiss” will literally be just as big of a hit as “Call Me Maybe.” She captured the upbeat, dance-y sound that everyone loved from “Call Me Maybe.”  This girl knows how to release catchy songs that everyone will blast in their cars. This one has more depth to it then Call Me Maybe which definitely just adds to the future success of this song. I would like to extend my congratulations to Carly Rae Jepsen for taking the music industry by storm with her poppy, catchy, fun songs. Way to go!

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