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By Lauren Engberg

Who:  Rita Ora
Where:  West London, England, United Kingdom (born 1990 in Pristina, Yugoslavia, now Kosovo)
For fans of: Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Drake, Tinie Tempah

Rita Ora is a British singer-songwriter that’s quickly gaining notice here in the States. Having already released her chart topping album "Ora" in the UK, she’s bringing her catchy songs to the U.S. by storm.

During one of her gigs in 2009, an A&R rep for Roc Nation caught attention of the songstress. A few days later she flew out to New York where by no surprise got signed to Roc Nation after impressing Jay-Z.

Her first single off "Ora" was "How We Do (Party)", which borrows the familiar refrain from The Notorious B.I.G’s "Party and Bullshit". Ora spent two years working on her first studio album with, Ester Dean, The Dream, Drake, and Kanye lending a helping hand in the process as well. In interviews, Ora said the album has many influences of her father’s record collection she listened to as a kid.

"R.I.P" featuring Tinie Tempah, was released as her first UK single back in May, but is finally hitting airwaves in the States. "R.I.P" became her first UK number 1 and second overall. She has also had the opportunity to tour with Coldplay.

I had no idea of the powerhouse that is Rita Ora until the moment I took a listen to "How We Do (Party)" and "R.I.P". Usually it takes a few listens for me to really get into a song, but this was not the case with Ora. I knew immediately after listening I was hooked. Her debut album "Ora" still has yet to get a U.S. release date, but for now, if you want to get your fix of the two singles mentioned above, you can give it a listen on Spotify, her Facebook page, and her website. Until then, you will have to wait U.S. listeners!

Video:  How We Do (Party)

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