No hiatus for New Found Glory, new album due out 2013

10502_10151249501574994_1642620292_n By Alan Ho

The demise of alt-rockers New Found Glory have been grossly exaggerated.  An alleged statement earlier this year from vocalist Jordan Pundik indicating a possible hiatus (“…I don’t think we’ll have anything new out until 2014) after their 10th anniversary Sticks and Stones Tour ends.

Consider that totally false.  Chad Gilbert early this morning took to Twitter to not only dispel the alleged hiatus, but also a release of their first-ever live album as well as stating that Pundik never told Billboard about a hiatus.

Calling out web publication Alter The Press, Gilbert also fired off these series of tweets: 

"Who & why did someone say we are going on hiatus? That’s the dumbest rumor I’ve ever heard! We love what we do. You couldn’t pay us to quit! Hiatus is not for NFG. We like playing shows and being a band more than anything. I think what Jordan said was misconstrued! Work your butt off and one butthole adds his own statement to the end of an interview & the world believes it. Jordan never said those words. Anyway! Goodnight world. Glad you know the real deal now! A Hiatus can kiss my A$$!"

Ouch.  As for a new album, he would only offer that it will be their first ever live album, that it will feature new songs and it will be sometime in 2013 for release.

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