The Premiere Box | Demi Lovato


By Alan Ho

This is a first, in a while, at least for music video director Chris Applebaum.  In an interview with MTV News, the director admitted that while most of his clients lip-sync their videos, only one before Demi ever sang live with him in the chair—Celine Dion.

It’s a big risk indeed, but by all indications, Applebaum states that “Demi is the real deal.”  We’ll let you decide that in Demi’s riskiest music video yet, from a performance standpoint.  In her new music video “Heart Attack,” the 20-year old appears to show her entire emotional range and is an art in duality as far as falling in love goes, something she can relate to from her past relationships and turmoil that have led her to this point in her career.


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