The Jukebox | Justin Bieber


By Alan Ho

What is a New Music Monday without a contribution from pop superstar (and perpetual punching bag) Justin Bieber?  Last week, he pretty much told the world the state of his heart and now this time around, he wants you to know that his “king bed” is nothing without its’ “queen.”  I think we know who that is…I’m not naming names, but pretty sure we know who he is talking about.

Innuendo-aside, new song “All That Matters” is a drippy, possibly sticky, sultry and steamy jam produced by Diplo, which means there’s plenty of the first term and moves very smoothly and slowly.  That is finished by some pretty bouncy and deep bass lines, synonymous with Diplo’s MO and adds some acoustic guitar lines to add some raw emotion to the song.

Take a listen…let us know…or let me know what you think!  You can leave it here or tweet me personally @atrain2324 and hashtag #jukebox!

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