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By Amaris Rodriguez

Who:  John & Jacob
Where:  Birmingham, AL
For fans of:  The Band Perry, Thompson Square, Rascal Flatts

While listening to John and Jacob’s EP album, released on October 28th 2013, it’s pretty clear that this duo is ready to take the country music scene by storm. With spot on harmonies, these two friends have already started making a name for themselves in the city of music and it won’t be long until they are nationally recognized.

John Davidson and Jacob Bryant began playing music together back in their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. During their high school career, John and Jacob would often skip class and sneak off to the music room to play and write songs. Developing a sound of pure acoustics and feel good melodies their passion for music grew and they started to play local venues around Birmingham.

In between shows in Birmingham, the duo began to make trips to Nashville. It wasn’t long until they got a publishing deal with Major Bob Publishing and Management Company, who also houses big names in country music like Garth Brooks. After being signed they decided to leave Alabama and relocate to the music capitol, Nashville. During their time in Nashville, John and Jacob began collaborating with other artists on songwriting. Working along side of The Band Perry, John and Jacob co-wrote the track “Done”, the second single off of The Band Perry’s album Pioneer. Becoming an instant hit, “Done” charted in March 2013 ahead of its release date and also reached Number 1 on the Country Airplay chart in August 2013.

Proving that their songwriting skills are up to par, John and Jacob’s song “Be My Girl” was used and covered in the hit ABC show Nashville during its second season. “Be My Girl” was a hit and charted on the Billboard Chart and got nominated for an MTV-O Music Award.

In between song collaborations with other artists, John and Jacob have not forgotten their own singing careers. The talented duo toured with Grammy Winner Kacey Musgraves last year on her “Same Trailer, Different Park” Tour and are currently scheduled to play at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX.  

With the expected release of their full album in early 2014, it’s safe to say that we are going to be hearing a lot more from these two. While not uncommon to see a country duo these days, the guitar-picking acoustic style of John and Jacob along with their beautiful harmonies sets them apart from the rest. A talented duo like them is what country music needs these days and with the up and coming release of their album, that’s what they are going to get.


Breakin’ The Law

I’d Go Back


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