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By Alan Ho

Where:  Johannesburg, South Africa
For fans of:  Civil Twilight, Mumford & Sons, Foster the People, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, ImaRobot

Bloodlines run deep with this one.  KONGOS is essentially the four sons of prolific singer-songwriter John Kongos, the brainchild behind his biggest single ever, “He’s Gonna Step On You Again” in 1971 which subsequently opened the door to more artists and bands to begin sampling previous music to accent new music.

But unlike their father, who dealt mostly in 70s glam rock, Daniel, Dylan, Jesse and Johnny deal in modern alternative rock with an occasional folk-like spin alongside a splash of electronic influence.  The sounds come together for an interesting sonic combination that catches you from the very first second of every song in their debut album Lunatic, which originally was released in 2011, then self-released in 2013 in the US which in turn caught the eye of L.A. Reid of Epic Records and got them signed to the US label power earlier this year.

The brothers now live, record and perform in Phoenix, Arizona, a far cry from their upbringing in South Africa and later on in London as their father John hit the jackpot in 1971 and later on in the early 90s for his brief reemergence and renaissance.  Now it seems after just over a decade, John’s sons are about to carve themselves a place in the music world.

The group is coming off accolades like having the fastest charting single by a group in six years and brief road stints with Imagine Dragons and Airborne Toxic Event.  The brothers will be announcing a headlining tour of their own to begin sometime this summer.  Stay tuned, the Kongos brothers are one to watch right now.

Music video:  Come With Me Now

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