The Venue | The Ataris at House of Blues, Chicago

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By Amaris Rodriguez

Set at the legendary House of Blues in Chicago, fans of all ages head banged and danced around to the 90’s punk rock sound of The Ataris. It has been 10 years since the release of their popular album So Long, Astoria and the band celebrated with a reunion tour. The lineup made up of Kris Roe(vocals), Mike Davenport(bass), John Collura (guitar) and Chris Knapp(drums) got together to give fans a memorable experience and bring to life the album that launched their music to mainstream radio.

With great stage presence and charisma, The Ataris kicked off the concert with the title track “So Long, Astoria”. Cheers from the crowd followed them into their next song “Takeoffs and Landings” setting the vibe for the show.

The band next played “In this Diary” which was the lead single off of So Long, Astoria. Fans loved the song when it was first released helping it reach Num. 11 on the U.S Billboard Modern Rock Chart and by their reaction when it was played; it is still a crowd favorite.

Staying to the track list order from the album, The Ataris continued with “My Reply” while the audience enjoyed every minute of it. Before continuing with their fifth song “Unopened Letter to the World”, Kris Roe addressed the crowd about how much fun reuniting and touring with the old lineup has been which was met with a roar of applause and cheers.

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Following “Unopened Letter to the World” The Ataris played “Saddest Song”, a song about having a kid when you’re young and trying to make the best out of the situation.

On this tour The Ataris played “Summer ‘79”, a song they hadn’t played live on other tours but generated a positive response from the audience. “The Hero Dies in this One” followed which Roe dedicated to a dear friend.

The band kept the crowd on high through “All You Can Ever Know is What You Already Know” and when they played their tenth song, the House of Blues was filled with an energy that punk rock music is known for.

The Ataris performance of their hit single “The Boys of Summer” was the highlight of the night. With the band members jumping around and the crowd’s response it’s safe to say that “The Boys of Summer” hasn’t lost any momentum with fans.

The band continued with “Radio #2”, an optimistic melody with “Looking Back on Today” and “Eight of Nine” which told fans to “appreciate the good times”. Before playing their last track on the So Long, Astoria album, Kris Roe surprised fans with his acoustic performance of “San Dimas High School Football Rules”. Even though this track is not part of the So Long, Astoria album the crowd’s response proved that it was a favorite.

photo 1Closing the show with “I Won’t Spend Another Night Alone”, The Ataris gave an amazing final performance true of any great punk rock band.

The 90’s punk rock sound resonated throughout the House of Blues in Chicago thanks to the performance of The Ataris. Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their hit album So Long, Astoria, they gave their fans an opportunity to hear the whole album from start to finish. The same lineup that produced hit singles reunited to give fans an unforgettable performance that is without a doubt going to leave them wanting more.

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